Liverpool 15/16

The 2015/16 English Premier League officially kicks off on Saturday. Liverpool will begin their PL campaign on Sunday when they travel to the Britannia Stadium to face Stoke. After a disappointing 2014/15 campaign, Liverpool’s directors wasted no time in signing some quality players from the transfer market. The Reds managed to make some bold signings that seems to have even alarmed rivals as well. The Anfield faithfuls too seem to be in a more optimistic mood compared to the beginning start of last season.

We will have to wait until next May to know whether this season can indeed be considered successful. However, based on the signings and optimism, we have attempted to make five bold predictions for the season.


5. Liverpool will make a good start
Liverpool will begin their PL campaign at the very venue where they ended their last campaign and truth be told, it was one game which fans would want to erase from their memory forever. However, with at least five expected changes to the lineup that lost heavily to Stoke last time, a victory at Britannia this Sunday isn’t unimaginable. 12 or more points from the first seven games could be considered a fair start to the season, considering the fact that Liverpool have to play away fixtures against Arsenal and Manchester United before October. Predicting boldly, expect Liverpool to be able to accumulate at least 20 points from the first 11 fixtures and it could pave the way for a successful season.


4. ‘Underperformers’ will turn into fan favourites

Lovren Markovic Moreno

Could the trio make a comeback this season?

If fans still remember the weeks around the end of 2011, a player that Liverpool had acquired for around £20 million was bitterly criticized by fans and media alike, with some even predicting that he was ‘destined to fail at LFC‘. Well, today he is not just the fans’ favourite at the club but is also the newly appointed captain of LFC. It took two full seasons for Jordan Henderson to find his mojo at Liverpool, but once he did, there was no looking back. Lucas Leiva and Jon Flanagan too weren’t fan favourites in their early years at LFC, but have proven to be important members of the squad. We certainly can compare that situation with the likes of Dejan Lovren, Adam Lallana, Alberto Moreno and Lazar Markovic, who were labelled ‘flops’ last season. Combine the experience of last season and the added pressure to prove themselves and we are certainly looking at potential ‘fan favourites’.


3. The Reds could perform really well in the Europa League

Europa League

The Europa League trophy

Gone are the days when the Europa League was simply considered to be the second-tier tournament in Europe. After UEFA decided to give the winners of the tournament an automatic entry to the UEFA Champions League group stages, clubs from around Europe have begun treating the tournament really seriously. With the added depth in the squad, after some good acquisitions in the transfer window, Liverpool can already be considered one of the major contenders. A well-maintained rotation of the squad can ensure that Liverpool will at least reach the semi-finals, while also challenging for domestic trophies.


2. There will be at least one 20+ Goal Scorer

Benteke and Sturridge

Benteke and Sturridge

In the 2013/14 season, Liverpool had two 20+ goal scorers in the PL. However, it was a completely different story last season as only two players, Steven Gerrard and Raheem Sterling could manage 10+ goals and the team could score a total of only 74 goals in 58 matches. While both the top scorers are no longer Liverpool players, the team now has three players who scored 10+ goals last season in top-flight football and with the presence of Daniel Sturridge too, there certainly is a potential player in the squad who could score 20+ goals this season.


1. The Reds will finish inside the top 3

Britain Socccer Premier League
Last season Liverpool finished sixth with 62 points, which included 18 wins, 8 draws and 12 defeats. Third place finishing Arsenal accumulated 75 points, while fourth place finishing Manchester United accumulated 70 points. Thus, Liverpool were somewhere between 8-14 points short of finishing inside the top four. With the addition of Firmino, Benteke, Clyne and Milner, Liverpool can be expected to add at least three victories and two draws in the 2015/16 season compared to the last, which basically implies that Liverpool should be targeting the top 3 spot.

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