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Anfield Family’s ‘Liverpool Fan of the Week’ is your section! Have you ever wanted to reach out to other Liverpool fans or let people know why Liverpool FC means so much to you? Well, we are here to provide you just that opportunity. Simply send us a message on our Facebook page and we will contact you back soon. This week we feature Sasha, who lives in England and hails from a family who only support Liverpool FC. Let’s look at what she has to say.

Anfield Sasha

Sasha and her sister at Anfield


Name: Sasha Nair
Age: 19
Address: Oxford, UK
Occupation: Student
Twitter/ E-mail:
Interests: Hockey, Reading, Cycling, Make-up, Football

1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
You could say since I was a toddler, but realistically speaking I’ve been supporting them since 2010, so it has been just about 5 years now.

Anfield Family

Sasha during her childhood days

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan?
Well, my mum has been supporting Liverpool since she was in her teens and she’s just turned 43. She got my granddad and uncle into supporting them as well. Then years later both my younger cousins (both guys) started supporting Liverpool. With the whole family supporting and being so passionate about Liverpool, I soon developed an interest in football and began to support them as well. Now rarely a match goes by which we don’t watch as a family. We’re all huge Liverpool supporters and it’s such a great club to support as its one huge LFC Family.

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
I’d have to say Steven Gerrard. He’s so passionate about Liverpool and it just so visible when he plays. He’s been a Liverpool supporter from the start and is a die hard Red. He inspires so many young footballers; he truly is a legend. It will be heartbreaking to watch him leave at the end of this season.

4. Who is your current favorite player in the team?
Raheem Sterling for sure. He has definitely been one of the best players in the team this season.

5. Which one player do you suggest the Liverpool board to buy for the next season and why?
I believe that we should definitely get Radamel Falcao for the team. Reason: we need another striker, especially with Sturridge being so injury prone.

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponent would you choose and why?
I’d choose Manchester United, as I would love to see us beat them with my own eyes!

7. Which new signing in Liverpool are you most happy with in the current season?
Alberto Moreno. He’s a great player and has been constantly improving through the season.

8. Your favorite Liverpool match (that you watched live)?
The most recent one: the Charity match, as it had such a great atmosphere. Plus, I also got to see Liverpool stars both past and present which was quite emotional.

9. Your favorite Liverpool goal.
The second goal by the Brazilian magician Philippe Coutinho against Manchester City at Anfield this season was simply awesome. It was definitely one of the best moments of this season.


10. What’s your expectation for Liverpool this season?
It would be great to see them finish within the top 4 in the Premier league this season.

11. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
I have personally encouraged some friends to support Liverpool and it looks to have worked too sometimes.


12. Your message to other Liverpool fans.
You’ll Never Walk Alone Ever, Never lose faith in Liverpool.

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