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AnfieldFamily’s attempt to feature passionate fans from all over the world is certainly not about to end anytime soon and YOU can be the next one to be featured. This week our fan of the week hails from Colombia, who also happens to be the first fan from South America to be featured on the website! Like him, if you also wish to be the next fan of the week, simply send us a PM through our Facebook page and we will contact you back soon with the details.

Name: Junior Arnulfo Cumbe
Age: 29
Address: Bogotá, Colombia
Occupation: Samsung IM Trainer
Interests: Sports, Soccer, Music


1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
I have been following Liverpool FC since 1999, thanks to those video games where I always preferred to choose Liverpool as my team. In my country, it wasn’t possible to watch the matches of the English Premiership, so the best I could do was to follow my favourite team’s results in the local news. One particular rivalry that always received huge attention in the local media was the one between Liverpool and Manchester United.

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan?
Because of the video games and world cup, I was familiar with players like Hamman, Heskey, Diouf, Owen, James and Anelka, all of whom also played for Liverpool. Because of them my support leaned towards the Reds. In the later years, with the arrival of more players in Liverpool, we also had more choices in the video games for setting the player who took the set pieces, where players like Luis Garcia, Harry Kewell and John Arne were my choices, because they were lefties like me.

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
Several legends have shaped me as a faithful follower of Liverpool through the years and choosing only one or two names would be difficult. Yet if I had to choose, I would choose two. One of them is Michael Owen, who during my early years as a LFC fan, was the top scorer for our team for several consecutive years, while the other definitely is the great legend Steven Gerrard. Both of them combined really well and constantly threatened the opposing defense. In particular, Gerrard for me is the greatest icon because of his love and loyalty to the club.

4. Who is your current favorite player in the team?
Because of his dedication, leadership and his love for the club my current favourite definitely is Martin Skrtel. I see him as leader and a player who can inspire the entire team.

5. Which one player do you suggest the Liverpool board to buy for the next season and why?
At this point we don’t have as many problems in the defense and midfield as we have in the front line. Although we do have very good strikers like Balotelli and Sturridge, both failed to show their full potential this season. It is very difficult to find a striker like Owen, Torres and Suarez, but I, being a Colombian, would suggest a striker from this country. Jackson Martinez or Falcao must be considered by the board for sure. Falcao, in particular, certainly couldn’t shine at Manchester United but I believe that he actually hadn’t been well supported while a lot of his assists were ignored.

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponent would you choose and why?
As mentioned earlier, there could be no game bigger than the classic rival with ManU. It certainly has emerged as one of the most important matches in the Premier League for several years. If I had the chance to go to Anfield and watch a game in the Premier League, I would definitely pick the fixture against the Red Devils, but it would be even better if I had the chance to see them play the likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus, in the UEFA Champions League.

7. Your favorite Liverpool match (that you watched live)?
Perhaps one of the most memorable game that I watched live was the final of the 2006 FA Cup Final against West Ham United in which Gerrard scored two goals. The game was memorable not only for the goals, but also because Liverpool won the cup. The likes of Cisse, Dudek and Reina also played their part in making us the victors in the game.

8. Your favorite Liverpool goal?
My favorite goal was in a 3-1 win against our arch-rival Manchester United, where Risse scored a spectacular free kick goal with a powerful left-footed strike which was impossible to save. Here you can see it:


9. What’s your expectation for Liverpool next season?
I hope that Liverpool return to winning ways next season. I do expect them to finish in the Top 4, and win at least 1 trophy like the Europa League. We certainly need a managerial change, with more ambition to win. We need to add quality and effective players.

10. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
I am very fortunate to get some great and respectful friends who also are fans of Liverpool FC. I love buying stuffs with the logo of Liverpool FC and I own several shirts of Liverpool FC. I proudly take them wherever I go.Llv1snuFKBHbRWS7o05mGSYvZjy-h0TFCsVn_BLj970

11. Your message to other Liverpool fans.
No matter how young or how old you are, the most important thing is not to follow a single player, but standing behind the entire team. Our history isn’t something that was created in a matter of a single decade: it took several decades to build the glorious and hugely respect club that Liverpool is today. While we haven’t been succeeding lately like our rivals, the glory days when we celebrate again isn’t too distant.

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