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Our quest to feature some amazing Liverpool fans from around the world takes us to North-East India this time. Meet Chisi, who has been supporting the Reds since she was 12. Let’s hear what she has to say.


Name: Lihuli Chishi
Age: 18
Address: Nagaland, India
Occupation: Student
Interests: Reading. Watching football. Reading the history of Liverpool (again and again)

1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
It’s been almost 6 years since I started supporting Liverpool and have been in love with the club ever since. And as the saying goes, “Once a Red, Forever a Red.”

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan?
I wasn’t much of a football fan actually. But, I started watching it with my brothers. They were crazy football fanatics. They introduced me to football and for that I’m ever grateful to them. Becoming a Liverpool supporter wasn’t a choice, I just happened to fall in love in love with the club. The players never failed to amaze the fans and the fans, GOD, the best supporters in the world: never failing to cheer and encourage the players when they are on the verge of losing. That inspired me.
One of my favorite football quotes reads: “The most important relationship at a football club is not between the manager and the chairman, but the players and the fans.” -John Toshack

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
Oh, there are lots! But, it has to be Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler. My all time favorite is Stevie G. He dedicated his entire footballing career to Liverpool, always doing the best he could for the team and the club as well. He is a true legend.


4. Who is your current favorite player on the team?
Philippe Coutinho: he’s an amazing player! He has a good vision and passing ability.

5. Which one player do you suggest should Liverpool FC buy this season and why?
I would suggest Marco Reus. He’s got the speed, versatility and technique. And with Suarez gone, he fits perfectly.

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponents would you choose and why?
That would be either Manchester United or Everton. Those two clubs and Liverpool have a history of rivalry. It would be amazing to watch either of those teams play against Liverpool. And the atmosphere at Anfield would be incredible.

7. Which new signing in Liverpool are you most happy with in the current season?
Alberto Moreno & Adam Lallana. Both are doing good. But of the two, I’m quite impressed with Lallana.

8. Your favorite Liverpool match (that you watched live)?
I would definitely choose Liverpool vs Arsenal at the Premier League last season. One of the best days of my life. Thrashing title rivals Arsenal 5-1. With Skrtel, Sterling & Sturridge scoring and Arsenal finding themselves 4 goals down in the first half.

9. Your favorite Liverpool goal?
Philippe Coutinho’s goal against Man City last season. That goal must have really brought joy to Liverpool fans around the world.

10. What’s your expectation for Liverpool this season?
Unfortunately, they aren’t doing quite well this season. But I suppose that either a 4th or 5th place finish would be okay

11. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
Writing down all the fixtures, match results, name of all the players everywhere, be it in books, walls and desks, and totalling the number of goals scored.


12. Your message to other Liverpool fans?
Hey y’all, don’t be disappointed. The boys aren’t playing well as we expected, we all know. But, this year just isn’t our year! Lets the boys settle in properly first and come next season: we are gonna be stronger and undefeatable. Trust in BR. YNWA.

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