AnfieldFamily Fan of the WeekOur endeavor to cover passionate Liverpool FC fans from all over the world continues and for the first time we are featuring a fan from the very country that the Reds play in: England! Meet Joyce, an exciting and proud fan of LFC. This is one wonderful interview that all Liverpool fans throughout the world would love to read! So, sit back, relax and enjoy. If you like it, don’t forget to share and comment. YNWA!

Liverpool Fan of the Week Joyce

Name: Joyce
Age: 30s
Address: South London
Occupation: Chef
Twitter: @lfckopette
Interests: Family, Football, Cooking and more Football!


1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
I have supported LFC for over 20 years and I’m pretty sure that support will continue even after life itself in some other dimension perhaps.
LFC supporter Infinity and Beyond!!!


2. How did you become a Liverpool fan?
My father was the one who introduced us to LFC. I guess he enjoyed being a fan, having lived through so many years of success when Liverpool were the Team to beat back in the day.

He moved us to the UK in 1990 just after LFC had just won their last league title before it was later changed to the Premiership. Most of our other cousins were also LFC fans as well as friends because, of course, LFC were a Force back then so it was easy being an LFC fan. Strange as they were all from London.

However, as we all know, things did not come easy for us after King Kenny left and we were not winning league trophies anymore. Most friends (not going to mention names lol) that I knew were LFC fans changed and latched onto teams such as Man Utd and Arsenal.

We still stuck with LFC and I am so glad that I did because in all the disappointments we suffered there were more glories we experienced and when we experienced them, the Feeling was unexplainable.

I was homesick when we first moved to the UK but being an LFC fan, from going to the city and the stadium, I felt at home. The people have always been welcoming, even to the Non LFC fans that have travelled with me.


3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
Gosh, how do I choose? Not so hard: my number one choice which is also one that I grew with LFC watching is Steven Gerrard and the other: Sami Hyypia. If I could add a third it would have to be Jamie Carragher.

For me, those players have shown great respect and loyalty to the team. They gave their all to the team and were great Leaders in their respective roles.

The stand out for me is Steven Gerrard though! I can’t seem to have anything negative to say about him and now learning that he is leaving is just so hard to accept. You just kind of wish he could play forever. I wish him all the best in his new endeavors. LEGEND!


4. Who is your current favorite player on the team?
My favorite player this season so far is Raheem Sterling. For a little lad he is very strong and he is annoying for opposition Defenders. Once he works and perfects his shooting skills, then he can really be an LFC Legend in the making. I just hope he doesn’t burn out too early.


5. Which one player do you suggest the Liverpool board to buy this season and why?
Wilfried Bony. He is strong, can hold the ball well and knows how to create as well as finish.

I love a striker that can contribute to the attack as well as scoring rather than those waiting for the ball to reach their feet (no names mentioned either lol)

I know he has already gone to join Côte D’Ivoire in the African Cup of Nations competition, but I am hoping we go for him still and foremost that they get kicked out of the competition early [no offense towards Ivory Coast fans, but I really want him at Anfield 🙂 ]


Joyce at Anfield

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponents would you choose and why?

Although my first ever match I watched at Anfield was in March 2002 against Newcastle and we thrashed them 3-0, my first ever ticket was against Everton but could not make it.

Since I have been going to Anfield, I’ve received 2 other Everton match tickets, one of them was an FA cup tie but I still could not make it. Unforeseen circumstances prevented me from making it to those fixtures

If you can remember being at an Everton match at Anfield and the seat next to you was empty near the Kop end, yup that was my seat, lol!
I know I will make it to one soon….hopefully!


7. Which new signing in Liverpool are you most happy with in the current season?
So far I will say Alberto Moreno. I know he’s not quite John Arne Riise but I do see plenty of potential in the Lad. He has made a few mistakes, but he is young and I think given time he will grow and OWN that left back position.

Though he may have competition in Emre Can.


8. Your favorite Liverpool match (that you watched live)?
Wow, so hard to choose. I’ve been to quite a few home and away, but one that stands out for me and that I always remember because of the dramas leading up to the match was against Arsenal in Carling Cup competition.

It was winter December 2006, foggy and the Match was in doubt of going ahead. Of course we didn’t know this as we had set out quite early in the day travelling by coach from London. Plus, we didn’t have twitter in those days to update us. It took over 8 hours to get to Liverpool right on time to find out that the match had been cancelled.

We were so deflated, but we still managed to make it back 2 weeks later in January 2007 for the 2nd attempt. So to cut a very long story short, We lost 6-3!!!

Out of all the losses I’ve experienced watching live I enjoyed this match. Emersley, my then partner was an Arsenal fan and even at 5-3 he was still quivering that we were gonna make a dramatic comeback. We sang and sang our hearts out deafening them all. The stadium was buzzing and the players did their best, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Still, I wouldn’t change the way that game went mainly as I won’t be able to tell this dramatic story, huh!


9. Your favorite Liverpool goal?
Can it be 2 in 1?

Alonso’s 2 half way line goals in 2006. The first one was just bold and had Gerrard taking a double look because the first look was like “why the hell didn’t you pass it to me” and then the second look was “cheeky bugger, it went in”???

The second one against Newcastle in the same year was just darn right rude and obviously well practiced. Not only did he win the ball back from Newcastle’s attack, he had the goalkeeper clambering for dear life as that ball was flying over him, Steve Harper must have been like “OH NO HE DIDN’T!”


10. What’s your expectation for Liverpool this season?
My expectation is to be in a Champions League spot, which spot position that will be I cannot predict! I also expect us to at least fight for a couple of trophies. We are in quite a few still and should fear no one going for it!


11. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
Hmmm….October 2007, travelling a 13 hour connecting flight from the USA with my LFC gear on, landing in London. Got picked up at airport and driven straight to Euston station to embark on a longer than usual train journey to Liverpool. Losing my mobile phone in the process. Arriving at Anfield to watch yet another clash against Arsenal for us to end up drawing after taking the lead. Those pesky Gooners!

Joyce 3

12. Your message to other Liverpool fans.
Who said being an LFC Supporter is easy as pie!
We win. We lose. We may draw a lot.
We laugh. We smile. We may cry a lot.
For every win and for every loss and for every tear we shed, we do it together because we are LFC and we share A LOT!

As one fan said and I quote “Liverpool is not just a team to me, it’s a way of life.”


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  1. Pash Nair says:

    I would love to be featured, South African born lifelong red, been for European and league games and met some of my idols like Robbie Fowler. My dad even cooked a Chicken curry for John Aldridge when the Legends were in South Africa.

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