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The ‘Liverpool Fan of the Week’ section from Anfield Family is an exclusive medium for Liverpool fans from all corners of the world to speak and reach out to other passionate Reds. This week our featured fan comes from Nepal. Bijay has been supporting the club for nearly a decade and still is a loud and proud fan. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Name: Bijay Lama
Age: 20
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation: Student
Twitter: @BJeii8
Interests: Football, Movies, Music, Books, etc.


1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
I have been supporting Liverpool since 2007.

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan?
Well, when I was young, my cousins supported Liverpool and watched their games. Through their influence, I also began following football and from the very start of my fandom journey I was immensely intrigued and attracted by their enthusiasm toward Liverpool. Then around 2007, I started following Liverpool. They had a very good CL journey that season and even reached the final. Liverpool also had fascinating players who were my favourites including Gerrard, Torres, Alonso and many others. Since then Liverpool has been an integral part of my life.

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
To be honest, barring a few exceptions, I like almost all the players who have worn a Liverpool shirt. Yet, if I had to make a choice, I would honestly choose Gerrard because he was a fantastic player and he gave everything he could for the club. While there were many great players who played for this great club, I personally witnessed Captain Fantastic giving his all for Liverpool and seeing him leave the club at the end of the 2014/15 season was a sad moment for all Liverpool fans.

4. Who is your current favorite player in the team?
Coutinho is my current favourite player in the team. He has been brilliant for us since the last couple of seasons and this season too, he is playing top notch football.

5. Which one player do you suggest the Liverpool board to buy and why?
I would love to see Julian Draxler in Liverpool shirt. He is a very bright player with a lot of potential. But again, our defense hasn’t been the best this season and so I wouldn’t mind if we get some strong defensive signings.

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponent would you choose and why?
I would be very happy to just watch the any game at Anfield. It would be like my ultimate ‘dream come true’. If I had to choose I would love to see against Manchester United or a Merseyside derby. Those games always have outstanding atmosphere.

Bijay in his younger days as a Liverpool fan with his friends

Bijay (right) in his younger days as a Liverpool fan with his friends

7. Can you recall the most memorable Liverpool FC match that you watched live?
There have been lots of memorable matches over the past years like defeating united 4-1 at Old Trafford and 4-0 against Real Madrid at Anfield. More recently, it was really spectacular watching the 4-3 Europa League quarter-final against Dortmund at Anfield.

8. Your favorite Liverpool goal?
As a Liverpool fan, I have had the pleasure to watch many amazing goals through the decade. However, if I had to pick a single favourite goal of late, I would choose the amazing strike by Henderson against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.


9. What’s your expectation for Liverpool in the current season?
Well, I would want Liverpool to win the league and cup this season, but I realistically expect us under Klopp to finish inside the top 3.

10. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
Well, the meetup sessions with other Kopites and screenings in Kathmandu have been the most memorable things for me till now.


11. Your message to other Liverpool fans.
All I want to say is that we have blessed to be followers of this great club. Never lose hope, keep patience and believe in Liverpool: we will reach greater success in the coming years and finally YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE.


If you are a passionate Liverpool fan and want to be featured like Bijay, get in touch with us. You can contact us through our Facebook page by following this link. See you next week.

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