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The wait is over: Anfield Family’s Fan of the Week feature is back by popular demand. This exclusive feature gives passionate Liverpool fans the opportunity to reach out to thousands of fellow Kopites from all over the world. If you also want to be featured in this section get in touch with us through our official Facebook page or our Contact page. This week, we feature Harrisontine from Sri Lanka, who has been a passionate Red for a decade.

Harrisontine with his family

Harrisontine with his family

Name: Harrisontine Francis
Age: 27
Address: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Occupation: Purchasing Executive
Twitter: @harrisontine
Interests: Liverpool FC, Music, EPL, UCL

1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
I have been a fan of Liverpool FC since 2006: the year when my neighborhood cable TV network brought the EPL to my television set and I am still immensely grateful towards the cable guys. Before that point, football meant only the FIFA World Cup, but since then I have watched almost every game that Liverpool has played.

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan? 
Although I was a passionate hockey player in my college days, I did follow football, primarily influenced by some really passionate fan friends in my neighborhood. We used to talk about football a lot and play street football regularly. Those days, the other clubs were winning the trophies and correspondingly a lot of my friends opted to support them. For me, winning meant a lot, but passion meant even more and I found this mentality only among Liverpool fans: the fans who were highly passionate, loved awesome gameplay and believers in awesome comebacks. Steven Gerrard perhaps was the single biggest reason why I began supporting Liverpool. I still vividly remember watching Liverpool’s UCL games, although I would need to go to school in the next morning: I chose to become late at classes rather than miss Liverpool’s games.

Harrisontine during his younger days

Harrisontine during his younger days

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
Undoubtedly Gerrard! My only regret as a Liverpool fan is not being able to witness the legend carry an EPL medal. Even my friends who supported rival clubs respected SG8 for his courageous leadership and his awesome long range goals. I have heard a lot about King Kenny and God Fowler, but I grew up watching SG8 and even learned a lot from his style when I would actually play football on the ground.

4. Who is your current favorite player in the club?
Philippe Coutinho, perhaps the best signing under Brendan Rodgers. He is our magician.

5. Which one player do you suggest the Liverpool board to buy and why?
I really want to see Luis Suarez playing for LFC again under Klopp. It would be great to see him again at Anfield and to relive the way he destroyed top teams during his EPL tenure. It would be like icing on the cake, if he rejoins the Reds under Klopp.

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponent would you choose and why?
I really dream of being at Anfield to witness the Reds defeat Manchester United in front of my eyes. I hope that my dream comes true very soon.

7. Can you recall the most memorable Liverpool FC match that you watched live?
The 2013/14 season was ecstatic and watching Liverpool score 5 against Arsenal was definitely my most memorable 90 minutes in the season. Watching the team score 4 goals in 20 minutes was simply unbelievable.

8. Your favorite Liverpool goal?
Sturridge’s 4th goal against Arsenal in the same match was definitely the one I enjoyed the most: not the most stylish of goals but definitely a goal to savor. I wish Suarez had scored that day from the long range attempt that hit the post.

9. What’s your expectation for Liverpool for the current season?
I hope that Liverpool qualifies for the Champions League this season. I think, Klopp needs some time to build a team to win the Premier League.

The special cake ordered by Harrisontine for his son Zidane on his first birthday

The special Liverpoo-themed birthday cake ordered by Harrisontine for his son Zidane on his first birthday

10. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
My son Zidane’s first year birthday function should be at the top of such a list. I organized a Liverpool themed party and ordered a special cake with the Liverpool logo. He is already a big Liverpool fan.

11. Your message to other Liverpool fans.
Anything is possible for those who believe. YNWA

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