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Anfield Family’s Liverpool Fan of the Week section is a platform, exclusively for Liverpool fans around the world to express themselves to the fullest. This week our featured fan comes from India: meet Swapna, a passionate Kopite, who has a lot of amazing things to say about the club. If you want to be featured in the section like Swapna, get in touch with us through our Facebook Page by following this link:

Name: Swapna Sarit
Age: 20
Address: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Occupation: Student (Law)
Facebook: @swapnasarit.satpathy1
Interests: Football: the Management and Tactical Side.


Anfield Family Fan of the Week Swapna Sarit

1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?
I started supporting Liverpool in the 2008-09 season: the season when we played some unbelievably good football. I was very bummed to not see that side winning the League and that was my first “heart break” moment that would become all so common in the next 8 years or so. Indeed, the best team not to win the league.

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan?
As I mentioned earlier, I started following English Premier League in the year 2008 since a lot of my schoolmates had started watching the league on a weekly basis. I still remember the first match that I watched, which was Liverpool’s home game against United which we won 2-1 courtesy of a late Babbel goal. It was a cliched “love at first sight”. The football played was brilliant, the support from the crowd, the telepathic passing between Stevie and Nando, the Hollywood passes and crunching tackles by captain fantastic, the famed best midfield in the world and the rendition of ‘You’ll never Walk Alone’ made me fall in love with the club. It was only after a couple of years later when I delved into the history behind the club, the glory days of 70’s and 80’s, Istanbul, legends such as Shankly, Paisley, King Kenny, Liverpool as a city, being a working class club and the ethos the club represents that I knew this was going to be a never ending romance. Have a dream of permanently settling down in Merseyside so that I can see my club play week in and out.

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?
Has to be Stevie Gerrard. Why so? Apart from the obvious footballing abilities which was always there, it was his unwavering loyalty towards the club and the city,  his winning mentality and the natural leadership skills. It’s incredible how he could grab the game by the scruff of the neck and lead us to three points. The general on and off the field who we will always be remembered. The Hollywood passes, tackles and long range goals were out of the world and conjured up fond memories. I hope he does his coaching badges, manages a smaller team and take over the reigns from Klopp. The best there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be.

The SECOND would be Luis Suarez, the prodigal and much adored son of the Kop. For me, Luis Suarez will always be the most talented player ever to grace that Liverpool Shirt. The man whose every touch was that of a genius, who dragged a bang on an average side to the cusp of a title win and one who produced those moments of magic day in, day out. One who elevated the output of every player playing alongside him and for him, losing wasn’t an option. He is irreplaceable.

Honorable mentions to Carra, Hyppia, Torres and Dagger.

4. Who is your current favorite player in the team?
Coutinho. The magician from Brazil. Another match winner and who can produce moments of pure magic. The charisma on the ball is testament to the fact that his feet are magical. The stunners he scores are a treat to watch. A nice guy who is committed to the team and who should be our next cop hero. I hope he gets rid of the inconsistency that is associated with the game and be the world beater he is destined to be.

5. Which one player do you suggest the Liverpool board to buy and why?
I will be happy to see us signing the young and dynamic Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Mahmoud Dahoud. I have been scouting him and watched him play in the recent champions league match played between Barca and Gladbach. He was phenomenal in the match providing assist for the first goal, covering every blade of grass and contributing both defense and offense wise. He has the potential to be one of the best box-to-box midfielder. He is going to attract a lot of big clubs and we need to swoop in with conviction to get the deal done with minimum fuss.

Swapna room, filled with Liverpool memorabilias

Swapna room, filled with Liverpool memorabilias

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponent would you choose and why?
This is a no brainer. Liverpool vs Manchester United. This is a fierce rivalry and I am sure we will reclaim our perch. My hatred for Man United is natural as a supporter of Liverpool but has been spurred to a great extent by the number of glory-hunting and stupid Man U people within my friends circle and nothing amuses me more than Man United’s misery. Would love to see us giving them a battering. Everton derby doesn’t make the cut: they have been piss poor at Anfield and will continue to do so in near future. That will be another one sided and drab affair.

7. Can you recall the most memorable Liverpool FC match that you watched live?
Liverpool vs Dortmund, 4-3 (14-04-2016): Without doubt! This was the Istanbul for a new generation of Liverpool fans. Watching this match still gives me the goose bumps. Also, this match happened on the night of my birthday (my birthday is on April 15th and the match started early morning April 15 in my time zone). It was turning out to be a disappointing birthday as it looked like Dortmund was running riot on the pitch and were gonna humiliate us. Things were made worse when a bunch of Man United supporters came to the hostel common room and were giving Liverpool the stick and having a laugh at us. But, the final 20 minutes were unbelievable and I went ecstatic when Lovren scored that goal. It was surreal to watch that look of shock and disbelief on those scum’s faces. Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

8. Your favorite Liverpool goal(s)?
1. Stevie G’s iconic goal against Milan in Istanbul, which marked the beggining of an incredible goal


2. Stevie Gerrard’s stoppage time goal in the FA Cup final


3. Coutinho’s winner against Man city in 2013-14 season. I thought we are winning the title. Sadly, it was just a false dawn.


9. What’s your expectation for Liverpool this season?
The expectation is that they play good football (read heavy metal) with flair, attacking intent, building up on a style of play and score a lot of goals. I personally don’t care too much about results, they are incidental and mean fuckall to me if the team plays negative football. Although a top 4 finish and a good cup run will be excellent to build up momentum on the grand scheme of things.

10. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?
Nothing as of now.

11. Your message to other Liverpool fans.
Klopp is building a dynasty at Liverpool. I am sure something is really special is happening at Melwood. Get behind the team. Be patient and stop moaning. The league has been elusive for more than a quarter century, but It’s within touching distance.

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