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From this week onwards we are launching a new section on our blog, especially for our fans! This is a chance for Liverpool FC fans express themselves. The first lucky fan to be featured is 15 year old Irish fan MacDara Kelly, who has been supporting the mighty Reds since he was 5 years old!!!! I have to say that he is indeed an enthusiastic and optimistic fan of Liverpool FC! Let’s hear what he has to say!


Name: MacDara Kelly
Age: 15
Address: Galway, Ireland
Occupation: Student
Interests: Playing Football, Watching football, Supporting Liverpool, Reading, Reading books about Football/Liverpool.

1. How long has it been since you supported Liverpool FC?

I’ve supported Liverpool all my life- well, pretty much all my life. I was given a Liverpool baby grow as a present from my big brother when I was only a few days old!!! I remember back in 2005the night of Istanbul, me and my dad were watching the match and at half time i was feeling sad because we were being hammered. Before the second half kicked off I fell asleep and didn’t get to watch the second half at all ! It wasn’t till the next morning that my dad told me that we won. My five year old self was shocked and delighted at the same time!

2. How did you become a Liverpool fan? 

As I said before, it was really my big brother who inspired me to be a passionate Liverpool supporter. He went to loads of Liverpool matches in his days and even worked as a sports journalist and with BBC Sports for a while. Although he is no longer with us, his memory and his spirit drives me on to support and to love my cub.

3. Who is your favorite Liverpool legend and why?

Ohh, there are so many options here! Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen would have to be up there….but I have to say Luis Suarez. Now I know people are a bit divided on the subject of Suarez, but I remember him as the goalscoring king, the man that all teams feared and the player who almost won us the Premier League last year. I know his personality was flawed, but when he got the ball you would always think that you have a chance to score -Liverpool Legend!

4. Who is your current favorite player on the team?

With Suarez gone, it has to be either Sturridge or Sterling. I’m going to say Sterling, but only because he’s played more games this season. I know he will become an Anfield legend and a world superstar.


5. Which one player do you suggest should Liverpool FC buy this season and why?

I think that when Sturridge comes back we’ll be ok up front and our midfield is ok too.My biggest concern is at center back where I’ve been really disappointed in Lovren. What we need is a proven rock and leader at the heart of our defense, I would love to see us sign Jan Vertonghen from Spurs, as I believe he would fit the bill.

6. Given the chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, which opponents would you choose and why?

Everton or United. The rivalry between Liverpool and those two clubs is just incredible. I’ve never been to Anfield, but I know if I went to see us play either of those clubs play, the atmosphere would be absolutely fantastic.

7. Which new signing in Liverpool are you most happy with in the current season?

Albert Moreno has done a good job going forward, but hasn’t impressed me defending yet. I can’t wait to see Emre Can more because I think he should start every game alongside Henderson. But the player that’s most impressed me so far is Adam Lallana. I think his tricks and skills are good enough to be a first team player every game.

8. Your favorite Liverpool match (that you watched live)?

Ohh, which one should I pick? How about Manchester United in old Trafford last year. We won the game 3-0 in the end, but it was a great game. Gerrard scored two penalties and missed one, and Suarez got the third. Rooney said it was his worst day in football, or something along those lines.

Suarez dip goal

9. Your favorite Liverpool goal?

Suarez’ first goal against Norwich last year was phenomenal. The curl and the dip was simply brilliant. (The link to the goal: )

10. What’s your expectation for Liverpool this season?

Sadly, they aren’t as high as I would like them to be, to be honest 5th would be a great result

11. What’s the most memorable thing that you have done as a Liverpool fan?

That would have to be when I wrote down all the results for last year, along with notes on players form, how many assists they had and how many goals they scored. Great memories forever.

12. Your message to other Liverpool fans?

Don’t worry guys, things will get better, the win against Stoke is where our season begins. Keep faith in Brendan, he’s a great manager. And most importantly, YNWA.

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    Born red live red die red i will support you till ma last breath Liverpool you ll never walk alone JT96

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