Anfield Expansion

Anfield’s new roof hoisted into its position by cranes

With the expansion work continuing at Anfield, the iconic home of Liverpool FC underwent a visible change in the structure of the stadium as a new roof truss has been put into position by two giant cranes. The 650-tonne roof truss will support the new main stand structure when complete.

The truss was lifted into its permanent position by two of the UK’s biggest cranes, the AK680 and AK912. Heavy winds during the day day meant that the work was delayed by a few hours in the stand. When work on the stand is complete, the truss will be fixed around the middle portion of the new roof of the main stand. It will also serve as the highest point of the stadium.

The work on the stand is targeted to be complete by the 2016/17 season following which the capacity of the stadium will increase to around 55,000. The new stand will have three tiers and will also include new team benches, wider player tunnel, media platform and special seating provisions for wheelchairs.

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