Bournemouth 4-3 LIVERPOOL

Liverpool drop from 2nd to 3rd place in the Premier League after a surprise second half comeback by Bournemouth at their own stadium saw the home side steal all the points from the fixture.


Liverpool have been struggling with multiple injuries to key players recently including Adam Lallana, Daniel Sturridge, Joel Matip and Coutinho. By the end of this fixture, the list would increase to include Sadio Mané also. If Liverpool do not actively search for new players when the open transfer window begins in January it could seriously have negative consequences on the position Liverpool will hold by the end of the season. We’ve been up to the highest possible Premier League position available this season (top of the league at 1st place) but if we do not start making purchases for additions in the transfer market, we could see that position start to decline as we continue through the season without some key players who helped us get there.

Lucas has been named as captain for some fixtures this season and will play wherever the manager asks him to but he is not a natural central defender

Lucas has been named as captain for some fixtures this season and will play wherever the manager asks him to but he is not a natural central defender

This was not a cup game and the squad still included two young and inexperienced Academy players that otherwise would not have been included if we had our entire squad fully fit to be there. We also included a defensive midfielder (Lucas) in the center of our defence. He’s not a real central defender, that isn’t his natural position. These changes are noticeable to people who know how the squad would usually look after seeing a thousand starting lineups from many of Liverpool’s previous fixtures. We’re currently weakened and need to strengthen, when given the opportunity. If we ignore these things and choose not to bring any new players in, we will surely suffer and fail in our efforts for real success and silverware.

The first half was all about Liverpool. Plenty of pressure was put on and we pushed harder and harder from the first minute of the game up until the break. Liverpool would have a nice burst of goalscoring when in the 20th and 22nd minutes, Liverpool scored two goals in two minutes. The first goal would arrive when Emre Can threw over a ball into the penalty area and Sadio Mané met it with enough accuracy to poke it past the Bournemouth goalkeeper (Artur Boruc). By the time the referee had started up the game again from the center circle, Liverpool were starting another attack that would lead to a second goal.

Mané won the ball off Harry Arter and found Jordan Henderson in space, who then played in Origi, with the Belgian striker pushing the ball into an empty net after Boruc came flying out of his area giving Origi enough space for a shot on his empty goal. Bournemouth 0-2 Liverpool

Liverpool kept pushing but seemed to be in control and winning comfortably by half time. Our fans would likely not have been worried about the next 45 minutes, assuming that we could hold onto our two goal lead at least.


The second half would be the downfall of Liverpool, though.

Around 56 minutes in, Fraser took the ball into the penalty area and ran past James Milner with it, though Milner sadly brought Fraser down in a challenge that took more of the player than the ball. Referee awards the penalty and Wilson puts the ball to the opposite direction that Karius dived. Bournemouth 1-2 Liverpool


Around the 64th minute, Sadio Mané pulls the ball back to Emre Can who gets to finish the cross and put the ball in the net. Bournemouth 1-3 Liverpool. Liverpool have conceded but they still have a two goal lead, which they had been able to keep from the 22nd minute to the half time whistle.

76 minutes: Sadio Mané has been replaced by Adam Lallana by now, due to injury. It was not a tactical substitution, the change was made because Mané was too hurt to continue to play. A cross by Wilson found Fraser, who scored Bournemouth’s second goal of the game. They weren’t done scoring yet. Bournemouth 2-3 Liverpool

78 minutes: Bournemouth have now gone and done what Liverpool did to them in the first half… scored twice in two minutes. Cook had the ball inside of the penalty area, turned and smashed it past Karius who is apparently incapable of stopping the shots coming at him. 3 shots on target, 3 goals for Bournemouth. Bournemouth 3-3 Liverpool. There’s about 12 minutes to play not including extra time but Liverpool look likely to be drawing this game now.


90 minutes: The 12 minutes of regular time have been played and yes, Liverpool kept the score drawn level up to this point.  It’s almost over and both teams look like they’ll claim a point. Divock Origi even had a shot on goal from close range but couldn’t convert it. Only injury time to play.

93 minutes: Karius is forced to make a save from a shot by Cook. The save is made but once Karius came out to challenge Cook, he was leaving the goal wide open for Ake to tap a rebound into. Which he did, grabbing the home side the winner. Bournemouth 4-3 Liverpool. Liverpool do not draw and do not claim even a single point from the fixture.

Man Of the Match


Until he got injured, Sadio Mané was doing great. The fact that we started losing our lead when he was substituted off means that we needed him there urgently. I honestly think we’d still have won if he kept playing for the full 90 minutes. That’s how vital he was to the team and the result we would get.
He was involved in almost everything that was going on with our attacks. Coutinho’s out of the squad for now but it looked like he was filling in for him, almost. Taking over his offensive duties while the Brazilian is not fit enough to do them.
Mané assisted at least one goal, was involved in the general build up (though not a direct assist) of another goal and scored one himself too. We all hope he recovers quickly, because he’s a key player this season. For anyone still hoping for a Premier League title challenge you must surely realise that we will need Mané available for selection as often as possible to truly keep those hopes alive and well. The transfer window will open in January but I hope we won’t even need to “replace” Mané as the new year comes. His fitness is important to the consistency of our results. Get well soon, Sadio.

What’s next? 

Liverpool will be facing London side West Ham in more Premier League action.


That’s all for now, Anfield Family. Your unwavering support is important at times like these. Keep your spirits up and walk on with hope in your heart. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (more than 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.




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