Burton Albion 0-5 LIVERPOOL

Liverpool start their League Cup campaign with a victory. Nigel Clough’s squad were brave and showed no fear despite only being a Championship side going up against a Premier League team.


Klopp fielded a rather strong side, possibly the same one which will likely face Tottenham soon. No key players were rested, we were at as full strength as we could have been, with the list of injuries we currently have. James Milner continues to play at left back, filling in for Alberto Moreno who simply hasn’t been at peak performance lately.

There was some decent attacking early on in the game, with Burton Albion throwing their offensive players up into Liverpool’s penalty area and for the first quarter of an hour, they had opportunities which saw them attack enough to worry Liverpool’s defenders for a while. There was almost a penalty given against Liverpool when a James Milner tackle seemed a little rough and may have gotten more of the Burton Abion player than of the ball. The challenge could have turned into a foul instead of just being a regular tackle but the referee decided not to award the penalty kick and play continued. It really could have given Burton Albion a bit more hope if they’d have been given the penalty and scored it. Liverpool would score first though, with no reply at all from the home side.
Around the end of the 15th minute, Liverpool scored the first goal. A Sadio Mané assist saw Divock Origi backheel the ball into the net from inside the 6 yard box to take the lead for the first time.

Burton Albion 0-1 Liverpool


7 minutes later, Nathaniel Clyne raced far down the right wing, then crossed over a perfectly placed cross to assist Roberto Firmino in heading home the second goal for Liverpool. Burton Albion 0-2 Liverpool


Liverpool would lead 2-0 at half time and this wasn’t such a bad scoreline. We could have easily hung onto the lead already created and won with defending alone, in the second half. We would score 3 more goals though.

Liverpool pushed just as hard after the break as they had done before it and were rewarded for doing so. Around the 60th minute, Liverpool took a short corner. James Milner collected the ball and crossed it over to Emre Can who was inside the 6 yard box to head it. Can’s header did not go directly into the net, but he celebrated like he had after the ball deflected off Tom Naylor and went into the net for Liverpool’s third goal. It was credited as an own goal, Can will not offically get a +1 on his scoring record though I’m sure he will consider it his goal. If he wasn’t there to direct the header toward Naylor’s body the ball wouldn’t have gone off the Burton Albion player and into the net.

Burton Albion 0-3 Liverpool

James Milner’s cross would have likely gone across the goal to the other far side of the pitch without Can’s connection. However it had gone in, Liverpool had a three goal lead and were looking likely not to even concede once. Every attack Burton Albion had was closed down by our defenders. We did a great job of securing the back line of defense. Simon Mignolet didn’t have much to do, but when he was needed he did his job well. Keeping a clean sheet, even against a Championship side is something he needs right now after conceding against Arsenal and Burnley consecutively.

A few minutes after this goal, Roberto Firmino was replaced by Daniel Sturridge. Lallana also came off for Wijnaldum. In less than ten miuntes of play, both were involved in an attack as Wijnaldum assisted Sturridge for a saved shot. Sturridge did not stop attacking just because he had been denied, though. He looked determined to increase Liverpool’s lead and he would eventually.

By the 78th minute, James Milner was on hand to yet again provide an assist for Sturridge goal. Quick shout out to praise Milner who both defended well and attacked well, he was very versatile. Milner wasn’t the best player of the whole game, but he did incredibly well. Well enough to ensure that he will definitely be starting for the Tottenham game, without a doubt. Moreno’s position at left back is seriously under claim from Milner. Moreno may not get back into that spot for a long time, if Milner keeps playing this well.

The first goal from Sturridge saw Milner provide the striker with a perfectly placed pass from within inside the penalty area. Defenders all around, where a misplaced pass would have seen the attempt cleared quickly. But Milner was on point to accurately provide the assistance Sturridge needed to power home the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net from close range. Burton Albion 0-4 Liverpool

Sadio Mané wasn’t going to be outdone by Milner though and was next to provide another assist for a goal, our final goal of the game. Mané would make sure Sturridge had the ball at his feet as he raced into the penalty area. Sturridge looked cool and calm as he looked up, saw an opening on the right hand side of the goalkeeper and powered his shot in the place he had chosen. Sturridge made it look easy, but few can score this kind of goal at a professional level. It shows the great talent Sturridge has had for a long time. Sometimes not chosen (to play), but never forgotten. We remember all his goals. This one will be remembered. Not for the fixture (very few may remember that we were playing Burton Albion in several years) but that Sturridge just looked up at the net and you could see him choose his spot, then put the ball in that chosen spot “easily” for his goal will be remembered. Burton Albion 0-5 Liverpool


Can injured?

Emre Can went down just after 70 minutes with what seemed to be a cramp. He requested to be brought off and was replaced by Kevin Stewart, the 22 year old who has made less than 15 appearances for Liverpool since joining us in 2014. Reports from after the match had finished stated that Can had also slightly twisted his ankle but that it looks likely he will be recovering from this injury quickly. I’m sure he wants to appear in fixtures as often as we are due to play them.

Man of The Match

There was several contenders for this game’s Man Of The Match. But, it’s gonna go to the guy with the most goals.


Sturridge spent less than half an hour on the pitch, he wasn’t a starting 11 player. He’d been substituted on late in the second half but despite only playing for this short amount of time, he used all his time wisely and scored twice for Liverpool. He’s a good example to substitutes, showing them all that every minute you have can either be wasted… or used effectively. It all matters, whenever you play for Liverpool.
It’s clear that he would not let himself be denied by the fact that he wasn’t even a starting 11 player.
The first goal was quite close range, but he still had to beat the goalkeeper. Goalies can save shots from any range but Reds fans didn’t have to wonder how it didn’t go into the net. Instead, we all were praising Daniel for his well chosen spot to place the ball in the net. The second goal was an 18 yard beautiful and accurate shot that you could SEE him setting up from the moment Mané had given him the ball. All while under pressure from defenders which were closing in to steal the ball from him. He’d never let them have it and put that ball right into the net in the place that he’d looked up at just a moment earlier.

What next?

Liverpool play Tottenham soon in what will surely be an exciting Premier League fixture, to be shown live on Sky Sports.


I hope you enjoyed this match and we’ll have more news on the rest of the season too, for you. You’ll Never Walk Alone, Anfield Family.

written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (more than 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s

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