Crystal Palace 1-2 LIVERPOOL

Liverpool have gotten a win from their latest Premier League fixture, this time against Crystal Palace.

Our opponents did not lie and down and give us the victory, they put up a hard fight before they lost at their own stadium.



Liverpool’s starting lineup looked just like it had in the Premier League game against Man City. Sturridge still isn’t part of the starting 11, though he’d at least be named as a substitute and Benteke was there with him on the subs bench until late in the second half so we had some serious strikers, in addition to Divock Origi.

Crystal Palace came out fighting from the first whistle of the game, with all the attacking going on and confident attempts at scoring from both sides it was surprising that no goals were scored in the first 45 minutes actually. Credit to the defences for not conceding early on. Emmanuel Adebayor was on form, as was Wilfried Zaha, Scott Dann and Yohan Cabaye, Liverpool would get no rest while these players were threatening to take a lead.

Crystal Palace would take a lead eventually though. It would be early in the second half.

Liverpool have been vulnerable to set pieces this season. Not always but sometimes we just mess up or at least fail to clear them or save them. Today was one of those days.A corner came in, there was a couple of attempted clearances (but they really didn’t go very far and ended up with a Crystal Palace player again) then Joe Ledley collected the ball on the edge of the penalty area and struck a powerful left-footed shot that ended up going past the diving Simon Mignolet and into the bottom right corner of the net.

Crystal Palace 1-0 Liverpool.

Liverpool don’t give up when conceding, though. It’s not the end of the game when a goal goes in… this goal had only just happened in the 48th minute and there was almost an entire second half to play yet, with extra time. We’d play on, to find an equalizer.

Our attackers were working hard. Firmino had been assisted by James Milner and got a shot off, but a defender blocked it, as it made it’s way towards goal.

Milner had been working hard overall, making passes to his teammates regularly and putting in tackles all over the pitch since the first half. However, he’d been booked in the first half (40th minute) and by the time the 62nd minute came, he’d put in another tackle that the referee considered to be a foul and was shown a second yellow card. Liverpool must play on with only ten men on the pitch now.

Ten minutes later though, Liverpool had scored!

With only ten men on the pitch, Liverpool still worked hard enough to find an equalizer. It’s not good if Liverpool would have lost 1-0 as many fans would say “we threw it all away from the moment our man got sent off” and almost entirely blame James Milner for the defeat. However, that wasn’t the way things were going to turn out.

Crystal Palace had made a rather costly defensive error in the lead up to Liverpool’s goal. A (Palace) defender passed back to his own goalkeeper, unexpectedly. The goalkeeper who didn’t even think he’d have to deal with a pass back at that moment lost his footing a little as he attempted to kick the ball up the pitch and the ball went directly to Roberto Firmino. Firmino would still have to move a little towards goal with the ball and shoot past the goalkeeper from inside their penalty area to score, but he’d get his goal and Liverpool weren’t losing any more. It was all to play for, anyone could win or maybe both teams would claim a single point each by the end of the game. Crystal Palace 1-1 Liverpool

So, there was almost 20 minutes left to play in the game. By the 80th minute, we’d get to see Christian Benteke as the manager replaced Divock Origi. This would turn out to be a most impressive change to our lineup, because the substitute became a goalscorer for Liverpool eventually.

In the 88th minute, Kolo Toure would come on replace Roberto Firmino. The manager may have wanted to tighten up the defence and secure a single point now… little did he know right then that he could have all three points!

The game continued even later still and yes, Liverpool were going to win this one very late in the game. The extra time that was to be played was up to 7 minutes. The game was due to end in the 97th minute.

HOW did Liverpool score? Well, it wasn’t anything spectacular but every goal has it’s value and this one was the wining goal of the game. It’s worth three points to Liverpool. A Crystal Palace defender (Damien Delaney) committed a foul inside of his own penalty area as he attempted to make a sliding tackle which struck the back of Benteke’s legs instead of the ball. Both the referee and the linesman were signalling that it was a foul and so the penalty kick was given.

Benteke has been on a bit of downward spiral of form in recent weeks. Many other players in the Liverpool squad have been grabbing the headlines rather than our £32M striker (Benteke). Perhaps he just hasn’t been included enough and lost “match practice”. The less you play, the less likely you are to just put in game winning performances in the few chances to play you’re given. But, that’s what Benteke’s done. He’s played well, gotten himself into dangerous positions, the opponent defender fouled him and once he’d gotten back up off the pitch he struck a fine penalty, sending the ball with his right foot into the bottom right corner of the net and securing Liverpool’s win. There was almost no time left to play (less than a minute) before the referee blew for full time. Benteke was the game winner for us.

Benteke-penalty Benteke-celebrates

I am officially naming Christian Benteke as “Man Of The Match”, without him we’d never have won this fixture.

The manager was also happy with Benteke and Klopp said some interesting things after the game, including the confirmation that he had expected us to only draw this game (1-1).

“We did not expect to win today and it’s always special when you come from behind to secure a victory unexpectedly.”

Man United game-Europa League-1

So, I hope you’re happy with a win against Crystal Palace, apparently we haven’t had one (in a Premier League fixture) at Selhurst Park since 1997. We also have an important fixture coming up next as the Europa League starts again. We’re through to the last 16 and we have an English team to play in this competition for the first time since 1973. It’s Liverpool V Manchester United, in European competition! Excitement and entertainment for this important fixture is already guaranteed, so be sure to watch it live!

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (more than 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

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