Liverpool fans had to hear another sad news yesterday! Gifted striker Daniel Sturridge would be out for up to 4 weeks because of a tendon injury. The striker, who had captured the hearts of all Liverpool fans since the last two season has already missed most of the current season’s games so far because of injuries and looking at the performances of the Reds so far, we have missed some firepower for sure, that Danny could have added to the squad. So the question is, will Liverpool be able to cope with the absence of Sturridge for even longer?

The options

With Sturridge out, Rodgers has limited options until January. Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert and Fabio Borini now have the duty to fill the void. Yet, Balotelli looks far from his best and he is still far from adjusting well into the squad. Well, we cannot blame him exactly. Although Sturridge started firing from the word go, it did take Suarez quite some time to adjust in the squad. It certainly would have been great if Balotelli would have begun on a great note, but since he is not, we have to be patient with him. We have to hope that Balotelli gets more calls from Rodgers, until next November.

Although Lambert hasn’t scored any goals so far, it certainly isn’t wise to not trust him as well. There have been games where Liverpool have gotten sharper following his introduction in the squad. But then again he didn’t do too good when he started too. Again, he hasn’t adjusted too.

Borini has only gotten a few games this season and he has only been average so far. But he was good with Sunderland lasat time around. At least, we all need to acknowledge that we were lucky in not selling him, or say he insisting to be in Liverpool for the season. Otherwise, our strike power would have been even weaker this season.

But since our strike force isn’t like last season, depending upon two strikers in the way we approached last season will not work. So perhaps a 4-3-2-1 formation will be a better option for this season. But, Sterling seems to have been overused in this season, both in the England and Liverpool squad. So perhaps giving Suso and Coutinho more chances for the league games and keeping Sterling for the Champions League would work better for the month.

Coping with other injuries too

Liverpool’s worries lie in other areas too. The defense will certainly suffer more with Lovren out for around a month, while Markovic and Emre Can are out as well. So, it’s up to the current squad to fill up the void and prove that they really deserve to wear the Red shirt.

It’s indeed true that this is one of the most difficult injury prone month Liverpool have had to bear for a long time, but at least we have to be thankful to Rodgers that there is lesser injury void this season because of the timely acquisition. Yet, what is also true is that this Liverpool squad isn’t as good as that of last season.

So Kops, at least we need to hope that we finish off the games against weaker oppositions, before December arrives.

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