There’s plenty to say about football and decisions to be made which can affect your life forever sometimes, but one crucial thing to decide upon is “how am I going to CELEBRATE?” We have all seen many different celebrations by players after scoring in or winning an important game- some of them are possible for fans to recreate, others – not so much.

You probably couldn’t do the “Klinnsman dive” in a bar or the comfort of your own home! You’d need a (preferably) wet surface (or football pitch) and about 20 feet of open space to pull that off. You have to even take a run up to do dives, or they end up being a belly flop and not a dive. LOL!

Plenty of England players have done dives after scoring (and not based on Jurgen Klinnsman’s way of doing it), including Steven Gerrard, David Beckham and Michael Owen. It looks great, but unfortunately the biggest drawback is that the fans watching simply cannot recreate a dive by themselves.

No matter if you’re actually in a football stadium, a bar or in your own home, you simply won’t be able to dive exactly like you just saw the player doing it on the football pitch.


The Gerrard Dive



The Klinnsman Dive



Kuqi Dive

Not to worry! There’s plenty of other stuff you can do to celebrate if any of your teams (club or national) start scoring or winning. Some people shake their fists and punch the air.



Michael Owen “AIR PUNCHING”


Michael Owen celebrates with David Beckham after scoring for England against Romania, 1998 World Cup





Some people yell and scream as loudly as possible to show how much they are enjoying their moment of glory, with the volume of their voice (so the louder you’re screaming, the more you must be enjoying the moment of success).

Soccer - 1994 FIFA World Cup USA - Quarter-finals - Holland v Brazil - Cotton Bowl, Dallas

Brazilians celebrating during the World Cup

Some people hug the person directly next to them! I know: I have embraced several strangers at bars in hugs and no, I didn’t know them. Yes, we were both in an intense moment of pure happiness because both our favorite teams had scored. So yes, two strangers hugged! If you don’t get it, you’re not a real football fan. Hugging and embracing complete strangers in bars are the part of football. You don’t have to know each other- you just have to be supporting the same team.

If  it’s obvious that you’ve all been loving the same team for your whole lives, it creates an instant bond between two (or more) people. You don’t even need to know each others names. The fact that you’re fans of the same football club is enough. Other celebrations include dancing. Players and fans have danced to celebrate, plenty of times. Peter Crouch used to do “The Robot” after scoring, that was a real fan favorite. During Crouchie’s time at Liverpool, I used to pray and wish he would score just so we could all dance like a robot. That was fun!

I believe Brazilian players have danced a “samba” after scoring. There have been World Cups where the Brazilians did some quite unique celebrations (if you haven’t seen them why weren’t you watching the World Cup?).   From the recent years though, my favorite dance has most definitely been ‘The Sturridge Dance‘. Liverpool fans will all know what I’m talking about. Chelsea fans might too (although did he do it while he played for them? I don’t believe I noticed him doing his dance at Chelsea, he may have invented it only during his time with Liverpool).






Daniel Sturridge scored twice for Liverpool v Newcastle


It’s probably the coolest celebration you can do.


Writer: Stuart Drewery

I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family, including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans, so I was born into being a Red. I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s. I’m a die hard Liverpool fan (only supported ONE club in my whole life, Liverpool) and one of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet.

Stuart Drewery

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