On June 3, 1892 Liverpool Football Club And Athletic Grounds Company Limited were registered with Britain’s Registar of Joint Stock Companies operating under the Board of Trade as an independent organization. That very date, is considered by Liverpool FC and its fans throughout the world as the club’s official birthday. To remember the occasion, fans of the Reds spread throughout the globe put up several posts on the social media.


Liverpool’s formation document

The idea of naming a new club which would split from Everton FC as Liverpool FC was conceived on March 15, 18, under the initiation of local businessman John Houlding and some of his close associates. Although Houlding at first wanted his new club to be named Everton FC for which he also registered a company named Everton Football Club And Athletic Ground Company, a legal dispute forced him to search for an alternative name, upon which he decided to change the name by replacing Everton with Liverpool. However, the new provision allowed the club to make Anfield its homeground, which was previously occupied by Everton.

A portrait of Liverpool's founder John Houlding

A portrait of Liverpool’s founder John Houlding

However, Liverpool FC were rejected an entry into the Football League, because of which they registered as a club in the Lancashire League. Ultimately the club would win the league and then reapply to enter into the Football League, which was accepted by the Football Association. The club’s first game was a friendly against Rotherham who played in the midland league.

In its 123 years of existence Liverpool has cemented its place in football history as the sixth most decorated club in world football, including five UEFA Champions League and 18 English League trophies.

Happy Birthday to Liverpool FC. Anfield Family owes its existence to you!

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