After game day, Liverpool fans often express their views about the game results. But it was a different story today! After the 2-2 draw against Leicester City, Liverpool’s beloved captain Steven Gerrard dropped the news, which Liverpool fans really didn’t want to hear. Gerrard confirmed that he would not be renewing his contract after the current season ends. Thus, after 17 years of loyal and active service to the club, he will be leaving Liverpool from next season. The news saddened millions of Liverpool fans throughout the world, prompting a barrage of posts in popular social networking websites.

AnfieldFamily has compiled some of the posts below.

  • “A true legend who will be sorely missed. It’s been a privilege watching Stevie G play for & captain our great club since he made his debut in 1998. He will be talked about in years to come as an all time great. Thanks Stevie YNWA”  – Ashesh Ynwa Sharma on Facebook


  • “Thank u for ur loyalty.Thank u for ur passion.Thank u for ur determination.Thank u for the memories.Thank u for being our captain.Thank u for leading Liverpool through hard times.Thank u for silencing every critics that come before you.Thank u for Istanbul.Thank u for being an icon.Thank u for your love towards Liverpool.Thank u for inspiring millions.Thank u for being a legend.Thank u for being STEVEN GEORGE GERRARD” – Bijay Ojha on Facebook


  • “Joined Liverpool FC as a child!!!!
    Carried Liverpool FC on his own shoulder for 16 years !!!
    Wins lots of Trophies !!! Wins millions of hearts !!!
    One of the best midfielders in world !!!
    True leader , example of loyalty !!!
    Most fan favorite Liverpool player !!!!
    Your decision broke our heart but we are happy !!!
    We wish you best for your new journey !!!
    You never walk alone Gerrard! !!” – Roshes Shrestha on Facebook


  • “Steven Gerrard, you’re an absolute legend. Thanks for all the memories, you’ll always be my favourite player #LFCicon” – Rian ‏@AldrianCayaAR on Twitter


  • “Upset about Steven Gerrard… Sad to see him go…. One of the greatest players England has ever produced, take a bow Stevie..” – Brady ‏@SgtJuice on Twitter


  • “Heartbroken that Gerrards leavingnever known a Liverpool team without him! All time fav player! sad day for Liverpool#StevenGerrard #LFC” – Aisling Croke ‏@Ashcroke


  • “It’s seriously difficult for me to imagine @LFC without Steven Gerrard. Growing up watching a player like him is something you never forget!” – Danny Robson ‏@DannyRobson_


  • “When we say LFC,most of us think of Steven Gerrard and that’s not only the case with us who were born in the 90s.He’s the king of the club” – C.A DANSO ‏@zealow139


  • “Best captain..
    You will never walk alone!
    Thank u for all the great games!
    Good Luck for future!”   – Shrestha.. ‏@ShresthaBhaduri


  • “Gutted to see one of my favorite players leave the institution he loved! We will miss you, captain! #StevenGerrard” – Jose Galvan ‏@galvanjosem


  • “Steven Gerrard has and always will be my boyhood idol. A true legend & has been responsible for so many memorable moments of my life so far” – Calum Knight ‏@CalumKnight1

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