Germany drew their second fixture of the tournament, a surprising goalless draw with Poland.

World Champions Germany had a confident 2-0 win over Ukraine already in this tournament but couldn’t manage to score against an arguably weaker side in this fixture.

Germany manager Joachim Low played some of his best players though perhaps he made just a couple of errors which led to his squad not getting onto the scoresheet at all.


First of all, his tactics. Low openly admitted that he deliberately chose to use no strikers for the fixture. At best, he had Attacking Midfielders where the strikers would normally be, choosing to switch around players who were out of their natural position and with even more pressure to score placed upon them. This turned out to be a disappointment, unsurprisingly. The players weren’t used to doing what they had been asked to do. It affected their game negatively.


Emre Can really could make a difference to Germany’s results. The manager should play him and he will come to realise this.

Secondly, Low failed to utilise versatile midfielder Emre Can for the second fixture in a row. He’s been watching from the sidelines as an unused substitute twice in this tournament now (2 times out of the only two games his country have played). Liverpool fans all know his worth, he’s a player that can defend in the back line, move forward into defensive midfield, or even get even further down the pitch and provide assists for goals, sometimes even scoring one himself. He needs to play. I am quite certain Can could have helped score or at least assist a teammate for a goal and give you more than a goalless draw by the end of the game. PLAY HIM!

The German goalkeeper had literally nothing to do. The amount of saves Manuel Neuer had to make was ZERO. He was never tested, every attack Poland had was cut out before it ever reached Neuer. While the midfielders weren’t busy scoring, defenders were busy defending and did their job well enough to not need their goalkeeper to make saves.

germany-v-poland-1 germany-v-poland-2

Germany would take their 4th point out of this tournament (the same amount as England have in group B and they lead their group). The result left them in 1st place with just a slightly better goal difference keeping them ahead of Poland in group D.

Northern Ireland will be next to play Germany and they will at least be chasing 2nd place in the group, just a single point behind the two leading teams so Germany will need to think carefully about the mistakes they’ve made so far and how they can avoid making them again, which could result in dropping down their table and perhaps not getting to progress any further in this competition.

Man of the Match? Mario Gotze is a renowned World Cup winner, even having scored in a World Cup Final. In this game, he was simply one of the few players that even got to shoot and that actually put him ahead of most of his team who hadn’t managed a shot or even gotten into Poland’s penalty area throughout the entire game.


Well, that about wraps this up. There wasn’t as much to say about this fixture than others that have been played in the tournament but honestly, this was a boring game. I pity the fans who bought tickets, travelled all the way to France and then had to watch THIS at the stadium in Paris. Not exactly value for money. No goals and very few shots to test the goalkeeper even. I’ll be back again to keep talking of the Liverpool players in the Euro 2016 tournament though. There’ll definitely be more exciting games than this to read about, without a doubt.

You’ll Never Walk Alone, Anfield Family.

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (more than 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

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