I mentioned previously that the Italians had to win against both Costa Rica and Uruguay to give England a chance of qualification to the last 16 and it looked from Italy’s performance in this game that they had decided IN THE CHANGING ROOM BEFORE THE GAME “We’ll let Costa Rica win this and then England are out”. This is not an exaggeration. If you watched the Italians in their game against England, they played stunningly well, with Balotelli a major threat every time he got near Joe Hart and the English goal.

there is no way Balotelli should have missed his 1 on 1 opportunity to score. unless he didn't want England to qualify for the last 16.

there is no way Balotelli should have missed his 1 on 1 opportunity to score. unless he didn’t want England to qualify for the last 16.

In the game against Costa Rica, there was ONE major attack where Balotelli was in a 1 on 1 situation with the goalkeeper… he ALWAYS scores those kind of goals. He hit it with far less accuracy then his normal high standard, which sees him score regularly for both club and country and he MISSED it… ON PURPOSE! YES I SAID IT, he deliberately did not score because he did not want Italy to help England in their hopes of qualifying.


The Italians just LAY DOWN AND DIED. I don’t care what people say about how they “tried their best” – NO THEY DID NOT try their best… England have seen their best and lost 2-1 because THAT was their best, when we played them and couldn’t win… what they did against Costa Rica is far, far, FAR from their best.  It is in fact, their WORST, which they CHOSE to do AND THE ENGLAND FANS ALL KNOW WHY they chose to do this.

lets play our worst football and lose because we don’t want to see England in the knockout stages”.


KEY PLAYERS:Bryan Ruiz would be the goalscorer and game winner as Italy had decided losing 1-0 would be just fine with them, knowing full well that England could not qualify for the last 16 after two successive defeats meant the English needed the Italians help, which they would not give. Italy don’t deserve a mention of a “key player” since they had already decided that they would not be helping England in their efforts to qualify for the last 16. Balotelli had the one and only chance which he could and should have scored and certainly would have, if it was England V Italy.

He’ll NEVER be welcome in England again after all this

. Bryan-Ruiz-3

The Costa Ricans must be very happy as they already qualify for the last 16, largely on the merits of Italians hating England so much that they would lose on purpose to stop the English qualifying.


[written by] Stuart Drewery.

Stuart Drewery I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red. I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s. I’m a die hard Liverpool fan (only supported ONE club in my whole life, Liverpool) and one of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet.

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