Jurgen Klopp’s Greatest TV Ads

Apart from being a great manager and all round nice guy, Jurgen Klopp seems to be turning into a marketing executive’s dream. The LFC boss has featured in plenty of ads over the years. So to celebrate our media friendly manager, we’ve put together a collection of the best.

Bet Victor Golden Goal 2017

Bet Victor are often considered one of the best online bookies for football, and are also Liverpool’s official betting partner. Jurgen Klopp features in this ad promoting their golden goal offer. Even when it’s heavily scripted, as all he does is read out the statistics for times of first goals, Klopp’s easy going manner and facial expressions still come across well. Much better then the two guys on the couch anyway!

Nivea For Men 2016

Klopp shows he’s a good sport as this ad shows a little girl in a car making a loser sign at him. Wonder if he’d react so well in real life? My guess is he probably would.

Philips 2015

This Philips ad shows Klopp having a walk around Anfield, then contemplating having a shave. Judging by his permanent 5 o clock shadow, I’m not sure he uses the Philishave much.

Opel Cars 2014

This one was made back in the early days of his Liverpool career. I’m not sure he’d really be so careless as to drop his car keys in the middle of a plane aisle though. Although he absolutely would be travelling first class!

Can anyone think of any good Klopp ads that I’ve missed off the list? If so please leave your suggestions below and I’ll keep this article updated with any others you guys can think of.

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