SORRY, Reds fans. We couldn’t get our revenge. This game was not just about beating the team that is currently top of the league and unbeaten but also about seeking justice (or revenge) for when they beat us last season in a game where Gerrard fell over and cost us a goal (although to be fair to him there were two goals in that game so it was not just his fault we lost). That game was ultimately, the end of our title race. Chelsea contributed towards making sure we didn’t win the league. Perhaps Jose Mourinho’s greatest achievement. We don’t expect them to just hand us a victory but Jose could at least win gracefully (without arrogance or bragging) or not be a sore loser. He’s like a child… “If I can’t have the title, you can’t have it either, Liverpool”.


Luis Suarez was in tears at the end of the draw with Crystal Palace last season

Luis Suarez was in tears at the end of the draw with Crystal Palace last season

We had a significant lead on the teams below us at that point. All we had to do was at least draw against Chelsea and then go on to beat Crystal Palace and Newcastle. We ended up letting Manchester City gain points while we lost to Chelsea, drew 3-3 with Crystal Palace in a game where Luis Suarez was crying his eyes out in tears at the end (like he knew all was lost) and by the time we had beaten Newcastle, we relied on West Ham to beat Man city because we couldn’t win the league without them doing so. Of course, they failed just as Aston Villa and Everton and other teams who could have helped in taking points from Man City earlier in the season had failed and we had thrown away our best chances of winning the league since the days of Fernando Torres (back when we chased Manchester United for the title and came 2nd).



That’s all in the past, but it does affect the present in the way that failings can lead to motivation for winning games against the same teams who beat you before. This most recent game against Chelsea was supposed to be the game we won, having been motivated to do so by the results in the past.

V chelsea-2

Liverpool’s recent Champions League clash with Real Madrid was a game in which Rodgers had not started with some major players – he had rested them, so that they would all be at their best for this Chelsea game. The starting line up for this game was of course as strong as we could possibly have put out. You can’t fault Rodgers for having chosen a weak team, he had picked the best men for the job before kick off.

The first half was rather exciting. Tense and full of anticipation at what was going to happen next. You could feel the pressure and it served us well. The fans were behind us, 110%. In under 10 minutes we scored the first goal of the game when Emre Can blasted a shot towards goal which took a deflection and made its way into the net past the helpless Chelsea goalkeeper. I was surprised they didn’t call it an own goal rather than crediting Can with it actually, but without his shot the ball never would have gone into the net. I’m happy that Emre can say he has scored for Liverpool now.

Can scores against Chelsea at Anfield

Can scores against Chelsea at Anfield

Five minutes later, Chelsea had been doing some attacking of their own and after a bit of a mad scramble inside the 6 yard box Gary Cahill blasted a shot towards Simon Mignolet which although he caught the ball, the power of it drove back Liverpool’s goalkeeper over the line and goal line technology was used to determine that the ball had crossed the goal line and it was a goal. Liverpool had been leading for 5 minutes but now the score was level once again as it became Liverpool 1 – 1 Chelsea.


Mignolet caught the ball but it was behind the goal line.


Technology was used by the match officials to determine that Gary Cahill had scored a goal.


It was a shame that later on in the game technology could not have been used to aid the decisions being made because Liverpool had two potential penalty claims denied by the referee. There was a handball by Gary Cahill after a shot by Steven Gerrard that should have meant Liverpool got to take a penalty late in the game. It would have been the second goal for Liverpool and made the score 2-2. A draw and a point for both teams would have been the fair result.

Chelsea’s second goal was scored by Diego Costa who keeps on putting the ball in the net with amazing regularity for his club now. In the 67th minute, the Spaniard hit a right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner of the goal to claim his 10th goal of the season. There was also claims that the Chelsea player who had crossed the ball to Costa for his goal had taken the ball out of play and that it should have been a Liverpool throw in. Again, the match officials didn’t see what needed to be seen and it would be a great advantage to Chelsea as they took all three points from the game.

Most Liverpool fans will agree that it was not really Liverpool’s performance that was the cause of not getting any points from this game, but the referee – Anthony Taylor. At the end of the game (after the final whistle) Steven Gerrard could still be seen talking to and complaining at the referee who had affected the game in such a way that Liverpool would lose instead of drawing or winning.



Liverpool’s next game will now not be until later November before which an international break will happening as more countries get ready to play each other.


Until then, just walk on with hope in your hearts, Reds. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so i was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

I’m a die hard Liverpool fan (only supported ONE club in my whole life, Liverpool) and one of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet.

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