Well, Klopp has experienced losing as manager of Liverpool now. I hope he can learn some important lessons about the consequences of it and come to understand that if he does it repeatedly, he’ll end up like Brendan Rodgers… basically, not working for Liverpool any more. But, it’s way too early to be talking about whether he should be sacked or not, that’s absolutely not what I want,  neither what he deserves. It’s just important to learn a few lessons that will STOP you from finding out what happens if you lose too often.

Judging from the post match interviews about the game, I’d say he does understand what I’m talking about. Klopp spoke of learning from this, improvement and doing better than we did in the future.



Just before the kickoff, a minute’s silence was perfectly observed by every single fan inside of the ground with all people inside of Anfield being respectfully quiet for 60 seconds to remember the fallen war heroes from our nations history on “Remembrance Sunday”.


The lineup was as strong as it could have been, with all the injured players we currently have in the squad. A recently recovered Benteke started and Jordon Ibe started after scoring in our last fixture. On the substitute bench, Brannagan and Teixeira were named but did not play at all.

The weather conditions for this game were terrible to play in, it had been raining all day in Liverpool and continued to do so for duration of the Premier League fixture and I was one of the fans sitting inside Anfield, being soaked by rainfall. There wasn’t a dry player on the pitch and it affected gameplay, even the final result. The ball was wet (NOT good for goalkeepers who need to catch it) and the pitch was hard to run around at high speed.

As I said, I was attending this game myself and I have some pictures taken from the Centenary Stand to share with you.


One supporter in the Centenary Stand had a banner that said “Support from Hong Kong”. This fan had clearly made his way from Asia all the way to Anfield to show his love and support for Liverpool. I appreciate and respect that! Thanks to that fan who has great dedication to the club we love to travel so far to see the game at our home stadium.


I was very close to Jordon Ibe at several points in the game as he made attacking runs down the right wing, causing problems for the Crystal Palace defence almost as often as he received the ball.


Jordon Ibe passes the ball back to Martin Skrtel and Simon Mignolet just about makes it into the picture, too!


Ibe got the ball and was just so fast running forwards that I barely managed to keep him inside the shot of the camera for this picture.

Even the rain couldn’t stop me from enjoying this game as it’s always special to be this close to the players we love and support.


The first half had the most action in it, with two of the three goals in the game being scored inside of the first 45 minutes.

It took only 20 minutes before a goal was conceded and Crystal Palace would be first to score, with Yannick Bolasie being the opening goalscorer. It was just a scramble around the penalty area before Bolasie struck the ball with enough power to go flying into the net, with Mignolet being unable to stop the wet ball. I believe the words I was shouting to the defence just before the goal went in was… “CLEAR IT”, which they were unable to do, obviously. The ball was not cleared and the score became Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace.

Liverpool spent the rest of the first half attempting to equalise and would be successful in this effort eventually, but weather conditions really made it difficult just making our way past our opponents players and towards the penalty area for a shot, in the rain.

The second goal of the game came around 41 minutes, just a couple of minutes after Dejan Lovren replaced Mamadou Sakho, who had injured his knee after slipping over and colliding with a player on the wet pitch. Adam Lallana had provided a ball to Coutinho, who had managed to lose his marker and create enough space to get a shot off which made it’s way into the net, with their goalkeeper being unable to stop the wet ball from going past him. It would be Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace by the time the half time whistle was blown and the players took a much needed break from the rain for 15 minutes.


Coutinho really impressed the most of all players and I am officially naming him “Man Of The Match” for his efforts in a game where we were battling not just with the opponents we had to play, but also against the weather. For a player that probably knows more about sunny days in Brazil than rainy days in Liverpool, he sure showed determination in these harsh conditions to keep going and do what we needed him to do… including scoring a goal.

Once the players had been asked to go back out into the pouring rain for another 45 minutes, the game kept going as before. Liverpool pressed their attacking options whenever possiblem with Jordon Ibe and Coutinho, Adam Lallana and Christian Benteke being a major offensive force for us. We had our chances to score, but the second half wouldn’t ever see us increase our lead. We kept trying to get more than a 1-1 draw (which Klopp had done twice since he arrived at Liverpool already), but ultimately it wasn’t to be and Crystal Palace would ruin our chance to continue the winning streak we had been on for the past three games.


By the 80th minute, all the players were extremely wet and tired. Alberto Moreno had done his job, defending well and clearing a ball out for a corner. Most fans thought we were just destined to get another draw where both sides had scored one goal each, when the corner came in and Scott Dann would leap into the air to head the wet ball past Mignolet and into the net, making the score Liverpool 1-2 Crystal Palace. 


Liverpool were already exhausted from playing in tough weather conditions and now it was just too late into the game to equalise and reclaim the single point we looked likely to be getting from the game. The last few minutes left of the game were played and we had to suffer the first defeat under our new manager by the time the final whistle was blown.

I don’t blame Klopp for this, it was in no way a managerial error or tactical decision that resulted in us losing the game, To be honest, it was severe weather conditions that stopped the players from performing to their very best, on a rainy day when just making their way around the pitch at Anfield was difficult enough and scoring was even more difficult. We almost got a draw, but Crystal Palace are a tricky team to play even when we’re not playing in pouring rain. Keep the faith and belief in your manager, Reds.

Klopp’s “undefeated streak” was beaten by the 7th game, but ONE defeat won’t stop us from going out and getting more wins. Liverpool will have better days where the weather is better and we don’t have to splash and slide around the pitch.



We have a Premier League fixture against Man City coming up and then we’ll face Bordeaux in the Europa League by the end of November.

Until then, walk on through the wind and rain… because at the end of a storm, is a golden sky! You’ll Never Walk Alone, Anfield Family.

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

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