YES, you read that right. Liverpool eventually had to take part in a penalty shoot out to win this league cup game and we came out as the winners after scoring 14 penalties.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll talk about all 14 penalties but let me tell you about earlier events of this game first.

The line up Liverpool had started with wasn’t what you might expect, Steven Gerrard did not even appear on the substitute bench. There was also to be a player from Liverpool’s youth team called Jordan Rossiter who was to make his first team debut. Rickie Lambert would partner Lazar Markovic up front and in defence, Sakho, Toure and even Enrique all got places in the starting 11. Lucas Leiva would appear in midfield.  Another youth player called Jordan Williams also got a place on the substitute bench and would eventually get to play for the first team.



Brendan Rodgers had clearly given this some thought and decided he wanted to try out at least two new young players from our academy and they both did well.

Jordan Rossiter scored on his first team debut for Liverpool at the age of 17 years old.

Jordan Rossiter scored on his first team debut for Liverpool at the age of 17 years old.


Jordan Rossiter scored the first goal of the game within ten minutes (on his debut) and Jordan Williams was one of the players who scored during the penalty shoot out after extra time. I’d say they’ll both be happy for having started their career in the first team with a goal already. Some players go for years without scoring. These players both have “1 Appearance, 1 goal” as their record now. That’s a 100% success rate of scoring! well done, lads.

Liverpool would lead 1-0 at half time. It would be the second half before another goal was scored. In the 60th minute, Mamadou Sakho handballed just outside the penalty area, the referee would give him a yellow card and award a free kick to Middlesbrough, who would take advantage and use the set piece to set up their first goal of the game. Another half hour would go by and the score would still be 1-1. Extra time was to be played and if the score still remained level, the winners of the game would be decided by penalty shoot out.

In the 98th minute, a change would be made – Lazar Markovic was substituted for Suso. It took Suso only ten minutes before he put the ball in the net, making the score 2-1 to Liverpool in the 108th minute. It looked like Liverpool had possibly escaped a draw and perhaps won this game before the final whistle of extra time. All they had to do was not concede another goal before extra time had been finished.

Suso  scored a goal in extra time and two penalties in the shoot out, giving him a hat trick.

Suso scored a goal in extra time and two penalties in the shoot out, giving him a hat trick.


HOWEVER… as the very last minutes of added injury time of extra time were being played, Kolo Toure would foul Patrick Bamford in the penalty area and the referee would award Middlesbrough a penalty. Bamford would take the penalty himself and convert it, making the score 2-2 with pretty much no chance of scoring again… the full time whistle would soon be blown and now the game’s winners would definitely be decided by penalties. GOOD JOB, KOLO (Toure)! seriously? are you TRYING to make us look bad, or even lose? or do you just enjoy doing everything the HARD way? WELL, it’s not like Liverpool have never won a penalty shoot out before. I still had confidence in our ability to win this game.

HERE’S how the penalties would be taken: [NOTE – SCORE WILL REFLECT GOALS FROM PENALTIES ONLY and not the 4 goals scored before the end of extra time].

Liverpool would get this shootout underway as Mario Balotelli would step up to take the very first penalty for Liverpool and score it, calmly getting his second goal for Liverpool and giving the Reds a 1-0 lead in the shoot out. LIVERPOOL 1 – 0 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Middlesbrough would take their first spot kick as Patrick Bamford stepped up… and MISSES! he fails to do as he did just before extra time had ended and does NOT score his second penalty of the game. LIVERPOOL 1 – 0 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Liverpool’s second penalty would be taken by Lucas Leiva, who converts the penalty with a right footed shot to the bottom right corner.  LIVERPOOL 2 – 0 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Middlesbrough would need to score their second penalty as Liverpool don’t seem like missing so far and have a two goal advantage already.  Adam Clayton would step up and… SCORE! LIVERPOOL 2 – 1 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Liverpool’s next penalty taker would be Adam Lallana. He takes it with his right foot and hits it into the right corner of the net in front of the reds fans.  LIVERPOOL 3 – 1 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Middlesbrough choose Adam Reach who takes this penalty with his left foot and puts it into the right corner of the net, just where Lallana had put his.  LIVERPOOL 3 – 2 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Liverpool’s next penalty taker would be SUSO, who uses his left foot to put the ball right down the middle of the goal and into the net as he increases Liverpool’s lead. LIVERPOOL 4 – 2 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Albert Adoma will be up next and HAS to score or Middlesbrough will lose this shoot out already. he puts the ball in the net with a right footed shot to the right corner of the net. LIVERPOOL 4 – 3 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Liverpool have an opportunity to win this shoot out 5-3 if they put the ball in the net. Raheem Sterling steps up to take his shot and… MISSES! The goal keeper correctly guessed the way Sterling was going to shoot and saves his spot kick in the left corner of the goal. LIVERPOOL 4 – 3 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Middlesbrough have a chance to make up for their missed penalty earlier on and equalize now. Jelle Vossen steps up and… SCORES! BOTH teams are level now. it could still be won by either side. LIVERPOOL 4 – 4 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Liverpool take their fifth penalty and Jordan Williams puts the ball in the net, on his debut. the young lads are really helping out tonight! LIVERPOOL 5 – 4 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Middlesbrough step up for the fifth time as George Friend takes a spot kick and puts his left footed shot down the center of the goal, just like Suso did. LIVERPOOL 5 – 5 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Well, many penalty shoot outs are decided by the time the fifth penalty taker has taken his spot kick but this one will continue. Kolo Toure makes up for his error in extra time and scores his penalty. LIVERPOOL 6 – 5 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Ex Liverpool player Daniel Ayala will be next and scores for Middlesbrough against his old club, drawing the teams level again. LIVERPOOL 6 – 6 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Mamadou Sakho makes up for his error in the second half (he cost us the second goal of the game) as he puts a left footed shot into the net, giving the Reds the lead once more. LIVERPOOL 7 – 6 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Ryan Fredericks steps up and scores his penalty. Middlesbrough are drawing, after their seventh penalty scored now. LIVERPOOL 7 – 7 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Javier Manquillo will be the next Liverpool player on the scoresheet as he puts his spot kick in the back of the net. LIVERPOOL 8 – 7 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Kenneth Omeruo puts his penalty in the net. It looks like both teams don’t want to be the one who misses next. LIVERPOOL 8 – 8 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Jose Enrique puts a left footed shot in the bottom right corner of the net and Liverpool lead again. LIVERPOOL 9 – 8 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Yanic Wildschut scores his penalty. LIVERPOOL 9 – 9 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Liverpool really are running out of options for penalty takers now as their goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet is chosen to take one. He steps up and… SCORES! well done, Mignolet! not many goalkeepers can say they have scored in their career, but he can as he put a right footed shot in the bottom left corner of the net in front of the reds fans. That won’t easily be forgotten! LIVERPOOL 10 – 9 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Middlesbrough will be next and Jamal Blackman scores. LIVERPOOL 10 – 10 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Mario Balotelli will now be taking his second penalty of the shootout and… HE SCORES! Balotelli has THREE goals to his name for Liverpool FC and I think he’ll be happy to add to his goal total for his new club once again. LIVERPOOL 11 – 10 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Patrick Bamford is going to take another penalty for Middlesbrough, his third of the day… he’s scored one and missed one already. Who knows what could happen? He steps up and… SCORES! he mustn’t have wanted to miss one more time and made sure he scored to draw his club level as they also get their eleventh goal of the shootout. LIVERPOOL 11 – 11 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Lucas Leiva scores his second penalty of the day. Well done, Lucas! he doesn’t get an awful lot of opportunities to even play in Brendan Rodgers team, but he’s really taken the opportunity to show what he can do when given a chance. LIVERPOOL 12 – 11 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Adam Clayton is taking another penalty. he scores it and Middlesbrough keep putting the ball in the net. How long can this go on? LIVERPOOL 12 – 12 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Adam Lallana will be next and… he SCORES HIS SECOND PENALTY of  the day! I’m happy for him. LIVERPOOL 13 – 12 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Adam Reach will now take a penalty  and… he scores it. LIVERPOOL 13 – 13 MIDDLESBROUGH.

Albert Adomah will use his right foot to take this penalty and… he MISSES! the shot went just wide of the right goalpost. how disappointing for him. LIVERPOOL 13 – 13 MIDDLESBROUGH.


Liverpool just need to convert their next penalty and will win this shoot out if they can put the ball in the net. SUSO will step up..he scores his third goal of the day, gets his hat trick and wins the game for Liverpool as the score becomes LIVERPOOL 14 – 13 MIDDLESBROUGH. Liverpool progress to the next round of the League Cup as a game with over 30 goals come to a dramatic end, with the reds fans happy at the end of the night in Anfield.

Next fixture for Liverpool? THE “DERBY”… LIVERPOOL V EVERTON (at Anfield) 12:45 (GMT), Saturday 27th September.  BRING ON THE BLUES!


[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so i was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

I’m a die hard Liverpool fan (only supported ONE club in my whole life, Liverpool) and one of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet.

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