LIVERPOOL 3-0 Huddersfield

Liverpool claimed a Premier League victory to end the month of October with. A hat trick of goals and a clean sheet saw Liverpool get back to winning ways at Anfield.

Liverpool’s manager had to make a last minute change as it was reported Dejan Lovren was injured in the warm up just before the match (AFTER “LOVREN” was edited into this lineup picture). Klavan was to replace him in the starting lineup and Ben Woodburn went into what was originally Klavan’s place on the substitute bench. With Liverpool being no stranger to conceding goals this season, Lovren has come under heavy criticism lately and I even heard death threats were sent to him after some particularly bad defeats like losing to Tottenham 4-1. Basically, this may be a welcome change even if it’s just because Dejan wasn’t fit to play and was not a recognition or acknowledgement of Lovren’s failings by the manager. I do hope Klopp noticed how well Klavan did his job though.

Sturridge replaced the injured Coutinho in the starting lineup and did not disappoint.

In addition to Lovren being injured, Coutinho was completely ruled out of the squad also, though he had been officially put on the injury list (ADDUCTOR injury) way in advance of the lineup picture being made so it’s Sturridge who came in to an attacking position and he did a wonderful job.

Liverpool started the 1st half pretty well, though they wouldn’t score early or at all in the first 45 minutes actually. Chances from Firmino, Sturridge, Salah, Milner and Henderson all did not get converted into goals. There was even a penalty kick awarded to Liverpool in the 41st minute and though we should have been leading by half time, Salah’s penalty was saved and Henderson missed the with the follow up shot from the rebounded ball.It was still level scores at the break. I personally think Milner should have taken it, he’s very accurate with set pieces including penalties.

Liverpool came out refreshed and ready for goals in the second half. I don’t think anybody was going to be happy with a goalless draw and Liverpool were the favourites to get the first goal.

Five minutes into the 2nd half is all it took for that goal to come as a Smith luckily headed what was meant to be a “clearance” to Sturridge and he’d quickly get into position to make space for his shot and it would accurately fire past the goalkeeper who had saved the penalty in the first half (Lossl). Liverpool 1-0 Huddersfield. I felt a little easier right about now but we all know it’s still possible for a little thoughtless defending to allow opposition to get 1 goal and then maybe draw 1-1 with you. We did not want yet another draw that “should have been a win” – those have happened too much this season and we’re looking for claiming more victories to replace those disappointing results.

8 minutes later (the 58th minute now), Liverpool threatened again and went on a dangerous attack which saw a corner conceded. The corner was taken by James Milner who perfectly located Roberto Firmino and the Brazilian would head home from inside the penalty area and make it Liverpool 2-0 Huddersfield. Wonderful assist from Milner and wonderful header from Firmino. No complaints about this goal and it was just what we needed to give a little self assurance that we were not going to be getting unwanted 1-1 draw. Huddersfield would be lucky if they could even lose 2-1 now, with very little of their attacks ending in goalscoring opportunities.

There was still half an hour left to go after all the celebrations about the 2nd goal were done with. Liverpool kept up the attacks as often as they could still, no resting on a two goal lead. We’d seen this kind of mentality in the 7 goal victory over Maribor in the Champions League. 1 goal is not enough. 2 goals is not enough. 3, 4, 5, 6 goals are not enough. They’ll just keep going and scoring as often as they can until the referee blows his whistle and then count the goals up at end of the game.

In the 75th minute there was a pressing with the ball in our possession as Liverpool attacked and Salah was in a dangerous position but instead of shooting himself he unselfishly pulled the ball right back to Gini Wijnaldum and Gini struck an amazingly powerful shot which cannoned right off the underside of the crossbar and into the goal.

There was no stopping this and we’d gone beyond any hopes of comeback for the opposition now. Our defence including Mignolet and Klavan were tight at the back and not allowing anything to get past them. Our attackers had proven themselves three times with goals already. Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield.

Man of the Match

The goal Daniel Sturridge scored was his 100th career goal (he’d also scored for Manchester City, Bolton, Chelsea and the rest were over 60 goals for Liverpool). We all know that he’s struggled with injury a lot so this actually is rather impressive in the limited appearances he’s been fully fit to play in. Hitting this milestone was great but the most important thing he did was “filling in” for Coutinho with amazing success that might even persuade the manager to use him even if Coutinho was fully fit. I don’t like that according to the manager and his team selections he seems to be a 2nd best to the Brazilian but Sturridge doesn’t seem to let it effect his game, he just plays when the manager asks him to and does his best with no complaints that “I should be first choice striker anyway”.  He’s humble, he can score. He’s welcome to keep on doing what he’s doing. He’s come a long way since we signed him and has taken his game to a high level of professionalism and success that had never been seen before at any of his previous clubs. We all love Sturridge.

What’s Next?

Liverpool travelled to Slovenia and defeated their opponents by 7 goals the last time they met. Now, the Slovenians are travelling to Anfield and we’ll welcome Maribor to Liverpool in Champions League action at the start of November.

Walk on with hope in your hearts, Anfield Family.


[written by] Stuart Drewery.

I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.


I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (more than 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.


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