LIVERPOOL 4-1 Leicester

Liverpool Leicester
Liverpool wins 4-1 against defending champions Leicester in front of the expanded Anfield

Liverpool beat the Premier League Champions! It’s true! I would not lie about football. The Reds really did this.


Jurgen Klopp had put out a strong starting 11. Coutinho not being a part of it was probably the biggest shock, but at least the Brazilian was given a place on the substitute bench. Lucas would be used in central defence because Dejan Lovren has recently injured his head in training (too many headers?), so that would change up the back 4 a bit. The midfield and strikers positions contained the usual strong attackers you would expect to see from Liverpool and we had no problems getting goals today.

The first half saw Liverpool press with their offensive players and made sure we weren’t just sitting back, waiting for Vardy to score. “The best defence is a good offence”. This was true for Liverpool today. It won’t matter if Vardy scores once if you can get more goals than his one… and we got four, by the end of the game. That’s how you deal with the Premier League Champions. Their one best player who they rely on so heavily couldn’t out-do the entire Liverpool squad.

The first goal of the game came around the 13th minute (13? unlucky for some!). James Milner worked the ball up the left hand side of the pitch, eventually providing a wonderful and accurate assist for Roberto Firmino, who waiting over in the central part just on the edge of the Leicester penalty area. It was a great way to provide the Brazilian with his chance of shooting on goal, which hit the bottom left corner of the net. I was just as impressed with Milner as I was with Firmino, for this goal. Teamwork made this possible. If you take away Milner, Firmino doesn’t get the accurate assistance he needed. If you take away Firmino, you don’t get the Brazilian shooting at goal. Both are needed. Both helped Liverpool take a lead. Liverpool 1-0 Leicester.

Liverpool would then double their lead. Not content with just one goal, we were looking to further the scoreline and possibly secure victory, even within the first half. Even two goals can be too much to come back from sometimes. Especially if you rely on one player for goals, as Leicester really do (Vardy is their main goalscorer).

Daniel Sturridge was in a very dangerous position inside of Leicester’s penalty area, around the 30th minute. With half an hour gone, Liverpool were still pressing and attacking. Sturridge was very UNselfish in his play, which he deserves large amounts of credit for. Helping your team is worthy of credit. Despite being so close to goal the shot for Daniel wasn’t going to work, he had a defender very near him… but he did see Mané  running towards goal and provided him with the assist which would make the goal possible, well done for the teamwork. Liverpool 2-0 Leicester.

Leicester wouldn’t be without a reply in the first half. It did of course come from the expected source… Jamie Vardy. Lucas Leiva was under serious pressure to clear the ball around the 38th minute. He would attempt to pass the ball across the 6 yard box to another defender (Matip would have received the ball) but it never reached a Liverpool player unfortunately… Vardy slid in to connect with the ball at very close range and Leicester had their first goal of the game. Liverpool 2-1 Leicester. The rest of the first half saw no more goals and Liverpool led at the break.


The second half for Liverpool started off trying to prevent an equaliser from being scored, Leicester could not be allowed to claim even 1 point from a 2-2 draw. The next goal of the game would be Liverpool’s though. Not far from the hour mark.

Adam Lallana’s shot on goal was just superb.


Pinpoint accuracy to perfectly place the ball past the goalkeeper, into the far corner of the net and make it Liverpool 3-1 Leicester at a time when 2-2 just wouldn’t have been acceptable.  We needed that two goal lead and he gave it to us. All the Liverpool fans had a little peace of mind, knowing that Leicester couldn’t equalise right away and it would be even harder for them now to claim even a single point, with just about a half hour to go.


Adam Lallana has recently had international success, scoring for England in European qualifiers and now he’s gone and added to his scoring record for Liverpool also. All within a week. You gotta love this guy. I love Lallana. He’s hardworking and never gives up in achieving whatever we need to do. Though not an extremely prolific goalscorer, he still contributes well to the squad and I don’t remember the last time I complained that he is part of the Liverpool squad. His efforts are always welcomed.

So, the last half hour of the game didn’t have to be about Liverpool attacking any more, though we didn’t stop and defend for the rest of the fixture. We could have just put 8 men at the back line of defence and waited for the full time whistle but we are not Chelsea… we are LIVERPOOL! We keep the formation as it is and push forward to increase our lead further and we eventually get ourselves a fourth goal in the time we had left.

The final goal of the game came rather late, the 89th minute to be specific. As Liverpool attacked and pushed further and further down the pitch at Anfield, I thought at first that Sadio Mané was going to run all the way towards goal and put the ball right into the net himself, but it didn’t happen like that. Mané pulled back the ball to Firmino, unselfishly assisting him for his second goal of the game.  Liverpool 4-1 Leicester.

Liverpool have proven that they can beat anyone, when they work hard enough. Even Premier League Champions. Inconsistency this season has seen us lose to teams like Hull, but that was nothing more than a short run of bad luck and it has not continued into more important fixtures. Liverpool’s fixture list is long and we are good enough to face anyone on that list and win, if we play to our peak performance like we did today.

Man of The Match

Man of the Match was Roberto Firmino... again!

Man of the Match was Roberto Firmino… again!

With Liverpool scoring 4 goals against the current Premier League champions, there was several choices for Man Of the Match. I’m very happy with Adam Lallana at the moment and almost chose him.  But, the player who scored the most goals gets the award this time. Firmino worked hard to claim Liverpool’s first and last goals of the game, never letting up in his dangerous attacking until the full time whistle had blown.

Next for Liverpool


Liverpool’s fixture list continues as we face another strong side, Chelsea at their stadium (Stamford Bridge) down in London.

I hope you all enjoyed the win. Hopefully we can continue our success as we play on through the season.

You’ll Never Walk Alone, Anfield Family.


[written by] Stuart Drewery.

I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (more than 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s

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