LIVERPOOL WINS! KLOPP WINS! It was a magical night and I loved watching us take all three points at our opponents stadium.

This fixture was up in Manchester (not Anfield) so I watched this game from a bar in Liverpool, on TV. It was still as exciting as it possibly could have been, with 5 goals in the game and 4 of them scored by Liverpool.

The lead up to this match saw Raheem Sterling making statements like “I left Liverpool to play for a better team” but in reality, he just left for the money. We all knew that and we proved tonight that we are the better team. He can console himself with all the piles of cash he has, but all the Reds fans will be celebrating more than he is after our victory right now.

Klopp is a major part of why we’re the winner of this fixture. Since he arrived, he’s inspired both the fans and the players to be the very best they can be. We are proud to have made steps in the right direction with Klopp for what we want to achieve at the club. Great success. Brendan Rodgers could only dream of nights like this and had been on a downwards spiral of negativity. But the positive times are returning , with Klopp.


Many words had been spoken about the possibility that Daniel Sturridge may feature in this game. He’s been training with the squad and trying to get back to 100% fitness after his injury but he was not selected in the starting 11. He was selected by the manager to be a substitute but never did come onto the pitch at all. I still hope we get to see back in our team, soon.


The manager had not selected Benteke in the starting 11, either. In previous games when Benteke did play, Klopp chose either Firmino or Coutinho to accompany the Belgian striker although both Coutinho and Firmino started in this game. The Brazilian magic was there in full force from the start of the game.

Football fans did not have to wait long for a goal as within 7 minutes of the game, Liverpool had taken a lead.
Coutinho had been attacking down the left hand side of the pitch, crossing a ball into other reds players who had found their way into the penalty area. Unfortunately for Eliaquim Mangala, the ball deflected off his attempted clearance and went past Joe Hart and into his own team’s net. Manchester City 0-1 Liverpool.

Liverpool looked like they didn’t just want one goal to win the game with. We looked confident and strong and kept pushing, to get a second goal. We’d see another in the first half as Firmino supplied his Brazilian teammate with a great ball that allowed Coutinho to strike a shot from around the penalty spot area, scoring and increasing our lead. Manchester City 0-2 Liverpool. 

Once that goal had gone in, we still didn’t back off. The team wouldn’t sit back and try to just hold the game until we’d win 0-2. NO! We  were fired up and ready to get a third goal. By the 32nd minute, we had done just that.


Emre Can had been pushing down the left side of the pitch with markers all around him. You’d think he’d have no chance of supplying a ball to a teammate while being marked quite heavily but when he was faced with City defenders, he turned around and impressively BACK-HEELED a ball which found Coutinho, who had been running into a dangerous position. It was like telepathy, the way Emre Can just knew where Coutinho would be and gave him the ball with his back-heel. Once he had it, Coutinho ran forward then pulled the ball back for Firmino who had run forwards and was now in a position to shoot. He shot and scored and made the score Manchester City 0-3 Liverpool.  We call Coutinho “magician” for a reason. It was just magic football we saw that lead to our goal. I’m announcing Coutinho as the “Man Of The Match” for this game, due to his magic contribution.

Nearing half time, Liverpool still had a three goal lead. However Man City didn’t look like they were going to give up and in the 43rd minute, Aleksandar Kolarov gave a headed pass to Sergio Agüero who struck a powerful and very accurate shot that made it’s way past Simon Mignolet and into our net. Now it was Manchester City 1-3 Liverpool, which would be the score at half time.

The second half would continue as the first half had gone. Liverpool looked confident and strong, despite the fact that we weren’t playing in front of our own crowd at Anfield. Our travelling supporters were enough to motivate our players as we went about looking for a 4th goal. Some teams would simply defend after getting their 3rd goal but we did not. We wanted another goal. We wanted victory and we would have both, eventually.

It was a wait until the 80th minute before we’d see our team increase the lead we had but it was pleasantly surprising to see who scored it when it finally happened. Adam Lallana had stepped up to take a corner, hoping to find Benteke. Benteke was found but instead of trying to score a goal himself, he unselfishly headed the ball down to Martin Skrtel, who smashed into the net a powerful shot from inside the penalty area which had no chance of being saved from the moment it left his foot. Manchester City 1-4 Liverpool.


City were never going to score three more goals and get a point out of this game, now. It was Liverpool’s victory by now and we played out the remainder of the game without conceding. Well done to Klopp and his team. It was a night that Reds fans loved will not forget any time soon.


In the near future, we have a Europa League fixture to play as we hope to get victory and instant qualification for the knockout rounds of this competition if we beat Bordeaux. I’ll be heading to Anfield for that game to watch it live, so expect pictures from our home stadium! It’s going to be so exciting and I’ll share the excitement with you.


[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s

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