The Mexicans have caused an upset and so have the officials involved in this tournament, already!

The referee and his linesman had called offside twice as Mexico scored and neither decision seemed fair or just.

Most fans were calling the referee a “joke” as he seemed to keep hindering Mexico’s game and you might have thought Cameroon would take advantage, but no. Even the great Samuel Eto’o would not be able to save Cameroon from defeat.

The rain fell heavily on the players and for an African team, I’m sure Cameroon weren’t used to such conditions.

Mexico managed to keep fighting the weather and come out on top as winners by just one goal. The Mexican fans would probably be rioting if their team had not won the game due to officials not doing their job properly, but it all turned out okay for them in the end.

Key players: Peralta was on form and the key to victory for the Mexicans

Eto’o and Assou-Ekotto tried their hardest, but in harsh weather conditions could not play to best performances unfortunately. I think we’ll see better results from Cameroon further into the tournament as the weather improves, hopefully.

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