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    Nepali Fans collectively depicting SG8 in human form
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Liverpool fans from Nepal held a special program on April 4, 2015 as a tribute to the current Reds captain Steven Gerrard. Organized by the renowned local fans group ‘Liverpool Fans Nepal’, dozens of fans went to the Ranibari Police Grounds in Kathmandu wearing LFC shirts and carrying special banners dedicated to Gerrard.

One of the most active organizers of the event was longtime Liverpool fan Trishna Dewan, who revealed that the group had been planning the event details for several weeks. “We had been planning to hold an event like this ever since Gerrard’s announcement that he was leaving Liverpool at the end of the current season,” said Trishna. “Liverpool FC has a big following throughout Nepal and we thus held this event to represent the Nepali fans globally,” she added.

Before the program a friendly game was held between Liverpool Fans Nepal and Manchester United Fans Nepal, which ended in a 3-1 victory for the Reds fans.

Later, with special permission from the police, the Liverpool fans then occupied the Southern corner of the football ground where more than 50 fans lined up to collectively depict SG8 in human form.

Here are the pictures from the event.

Liverpool fans Nepal

Trishna (second from right) with friends holding special banners for the event

Waving muffler

A fans present in the event


Fans cheering for the reds during the game

Liverpool fans Nepal

Players during the game


Liverpool fans Nepal

Nepali Fans collectively depicting SG8 in human form

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