Well, it’s taken some time and patience for this to happen, but Liverpool finally have signed a new defender.

The urgency of recruiting more defenders first started when the last season had finished and people started looking at the records about goals scored and eventually, (once we had stopped being distracted by how we had been scoring so much) goals conceded. Yeah, we scored over 100 goals (more than 50 of them being just scored by Suarez and Sturridge) but we also conceded over 50 goals (including several own goals) and that made our defense look rather weak. People started to think “hey, shouldn’t we buy new players to strengthen our squad?).

They do have a point, but I really want to see players that we currently have given some more opportunities to correct their mistakes. They deserve  a “second chance” (how many chances do you think Luis Suarez was given before being asked to leave the club? more than two, I guarantee) . For a team that came second in the league, some reds fans seem to be quite critical and quick to rearrange the second best team in the league. But new faces and a little bit of extra strength to add to what is already pretty awesome doesn’t hurt, I suppose.


The back line (including the goalkeeper) was usually “Mignolet, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Flanagan” last season, with Mamadou Sakho making most of his appearances nearing the end of the season once Daniel Agger was out with injury. Personally, I am  a big fan of Skrtel and Agger as central defenders, they are impressive. Despite the fact that Skrtel scored a few own goals, he gives 110% in every game. Agger’s loyalty to our club is unquestionable – have you seen his Liverpool tattoos? He’s got “YNWA” permanently marked on his hand for the rest of his life!

dagger-12 dagger-4


Many reds fans have complained about Glen Johnson due to the fact that he is actually quite an attacking player – rather than staying at right back, he often would head up the right wing and start making crosses for our midfielders and strikers. I call that being “versatile” and believe it’s a help to the club, especially when he provides an assist for a goal – HOW could you complain about that? However I know that not everybody agrees with that, I spoke to many reds fans who called it “PLAYING OUT OF POSITION, he should be defending not attacking”. So yeah, “Johnson OUT” (meaning they want him transferred away from the club) was a regular thing for some reds fans to say if they noticed him being too far up the pitch for their liking. A new defender would be called for by the fans to replace him.


Flanagan’s only fault was INEXPERIENCE, really. Can’t fault his form or his effort, he tries pretty damn hard in every game and isn’t prone to making constant mistakes. But somebody like Jose Enrique would be better suited for his position simply for having more experience in both domestic and European competitions. Unfortunately Enrique had some major injury problems and has only been recalled to the squad very recently as his fitness got back to 100% again. I hope to see him some more making appearances for our first team.

Potential new defenders for Liverpool have been on our transfer target list since before the opening of the transfer window on July 1st. I know that names added to the list included players like Alberto Moreno, Dejan Lovren, Luke Shaw, Ashley Cole, Nathaniel Clyne, Morgan Schneiderlin and others. We certainly didn’t have a lack of names to choose from and Brendan Rodgers (with the help of Ian Ayre) has pursued them whenever possible but although they were on our transfer target list, some of them simply never came about as likely to happen.

Alberto Moreno has had a few bids from Liverpool refused by his club – we offered Sevilla our player Suso in part exchange (plus £16M), but they said did not want him and would prefer more money instead. We had made a bid of £18M that was rejected and we eventually learned that they would like around £20M for Moreno. If Liverpool still stand a chance at signing this player, we will need to make a bid of £20M + but his club seem rather greedy. Who’s to say if we offer £20M, they won’t ask for £22M? Clubs like this make transfers difficult and it’s a shame because Moreno is a very good left back but we may never sign him, it’s not the players fault, it’s his greedy club who seem determined to drive the price up constantly that will stop this from happening. We have some smart businessmen at Liverpool FC and know when we’re being ripped off. We won’t let that happen with Moreno, we’ll just shift our attention to the rest of the transfer target list and Sevilla won’t get a single pound from us for their idiotic tactics.

Ashley Cole would have been a free transfer after leaving Chelsea as his contract expired but he chose to sign for Italian club Roma. Some of the other players seemed uninterested in making Liverpool FC their new football club also. Other potential deals, the financial issues were problematic (especially for the Southampton players mentioned) as their clubs had other deals to wrap up before we would consider offering them even more millions for yet another of their players.

Lovren has been a transfer target for some time and our first bid for him was unsuccessful

Lovren has been a transfer target for some time and our first bid for him was unsuccessful

I mentioned Dejan Lovren had been a transfer target for some time… this is true, we had been pursuing this player since before Adam Lallana signed for us. In fact we once made a  “DOUBLE SWOOP” for around £40M to land both players at the same time, but the bid was refused by Southampton as the World Cup was about to start and there was a possibility that the valuation of the players was about to rise if they had major success with their country in the tournament. After Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana, Lovren is the third Southampton player to be “stolen” (officially signed) by Liverpool and yes, we do have MORE of their players on our transfer target list. Interesting, considering that Liverpool finished second in the league and Southampton finished far below us in the Premier League table… but, if they didn’t concede 50 goals (as we did) then their defensive record speaks for itself and they will only be strengthening our squad. For Lovren himself, he says it’s a “dream come true” to be playing for Liverpool. the reds fans like to dream too. MAKE US DREAM, DEJAN!


Anyway, I feel the only thing left to say now is WELCOME to our new signing… YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE, DEJAN LOVREN.



[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so i was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

I’m a die hard Liverpool fan (only supported ONE club in my whole life, Liverpool) and one of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet.


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