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It had only been 3 days since Newcastle United delivered a killer blow against defending league champions Manchester City in their own home to knock them out of the League cup. Their upsurge in confidence continued when they hosted Liverpool at St. James Park and unfortunately for Liverpool fans the Reds lost 1-0!

I see the win not as a display of strength by Newcastle United, but rather a display of weakness by Liverpool. Sterling was poor and it looks like he has really suffered from exhaustion lately. BR really needs to give the lad a rest now. Joe Allan didn’t look too effective on the field, nor did Jordan Henderson. Coutinho too didn’t create any special magic.

The defense did look good in the first half as they successfully managed to hold off the continuous barrage of attack by the Newcastle defense. Yet the strike and midfield lacked co-ordination as Liverpool didn’t even manage a single shot on target in the opening 45 minutes.

But as the second half started Liverpool looked somewhat active. But Newcastle’s defense was just rock solid. Despite of that, Liverpool did miss a few chances as Balotelli couldn’t capitalize on a freekick and he also couldn’t add much power to the ball outside the D-box as the ball directly landed to the keeper. Fabio Borini too missed a golden opportunity to score from outside the box as his powerful shot went a few inches wide of the left post.

But, the defense just couldn’t keep the barrage of attacks from Newcastle and it was ultimately a poor mistake by Alberto Moreno that gave them the goal. In the 73rd minute Pérez Gutiérrez, capitalized on the ball that Moreno just couldn’t clear and it ultimately cost Liverpool the match.

Newcastle kept on attacking, but it was only some brave effort by Mignolet that ensured that no more goals were scored.

Frankly speaking, Liverpool is really not looking like the team that nearly won the league last year. As Gerrard said in the mid-week Liverpool have suffered badly from transfers, injuries and poor form.

Yet, it’s only the start of November and it’s a long way from June 2015. It’s indeed difficult to see Liverpool take the title this year, but let’s not lose our hope. We are still far from elimination in the Champions League, we are already through to the semi-finals of the League Cup and the FA Cup is yet to begin.

Cheer up Reds. A few bad days won’t mean Liverpool will keep on going down on and on and we already know what Brendon Rodgers is capable of. So, let’s move on.

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