Sterling leaves Liverpool for £49M

Raheem Sterling was originally claimed to be “the best English player of his generation” once people started seeing what he could do from a young age. Starting out at Queens Park Rangers at the age of 7 years old, it was clear that he was a very talented footballer early on in his life. He would move from his country (Jamaica) to London to focus on his “career” (if seven year olds have careers) and by 2003 he was under contract with QPR, who he would play for over a period of seven years. Having been noticed by our scouts and then manager Rafa Benitez, Liverpool would offer QPR a fee of £600, 000 and they would accept it. Sterling would move to our club by February of 2010 and he would progress over the next two years from Liverpool’s youth team to the senior team by 2012.

Sterling played for Queens Park Rangers youth team before signing for Liverpool in 2010

Sterling played for Queens Park Rangers youth team before signing for Liverpool in 2010

Sterling’s talent was never really in doubt, he really is a very talented footballer and now has become the most valuable English player to have ever been transferred (before you perhaps say the words “isn’t Gareth Bale worth £90M?” – you should know that Bale is WELSH! Not English).

Until now, Andy Carroll’s signing of £35M stood out as the highest value for an Englishman, though many fans always thought we were being very generous to Newcastle when Liverpool signed him for that much and that he had been “overpriced”. They may have been right, since he never really did much to justify the transfer fee we paid for him and eventually, he was no longer wanted as part of our first team and sold for only £15M to West Ham. Not very good business for Liverpool, really. A loss of £20M on that player, essentially.
Still, Sterling just smashed that record, now being valued at £49M in his transfer to Man City.

What was unfortunate was his attitude towards a club that basically, made him what he is. Liverpool took in a “very promising youngster” that had plenty of talent (though no experience at senior level) and a lot of potential and we turned him into one of the best young English professional footballers in the last decade.

We would have wanted to keep a hold of him if there were no problems to deal with, but nothing lasts forever and we across some challenging issues regarding Sterling. Problems started to arise with this player. We knew he was very capable on the pitch, but it was things that were happening off the pitch that got fans so concerned with whether we really wanted to keep this player at the club, or should he move on?

He had originally come to agree a professional senior team contract at the club for around £35,000 per WEEK and nearing the end of this contract (or with two years to go on it), he would be pushing his agent to negotiate (or rather force) a new contract that was reportedly worth over £100,000 per week. He never got given that contract and Liverpool’s owners seemed comfortable with simply waiting out his current contract rather than being bullied into giving up millions of their dollars on this player who didn’t seem to have earned his right to this lucrative new wage packet he claims he is now worth being paid. I would have done the same, in their position.
Ask yourselves: “WHAT HAS STERLING DONE to deserve being paid such high amounts of money per week?” and I don’t think you can honestly come up with a valid answer the describes exactly what he has provided for the club that pushes up his valuation per week from £35 thousand per week to over £100 thousand per week.


One of the few players to have been paid this much at Liverpool was Steven Gerrard and he earned his large wage packet by both being loyal to (over at least a decade) and captaining Liverpool to a Champions League Final victory and other trophies won, too. Where’s your Champions League Winners medal, Raheem? Or ANY winners medal? What trophy did you win with our club that makes your value so much higher than the already very lucrative 35 THOUSAND PER WEEK contract you already had?  You haven’t won any trophies with us and you never earned a £100,00 per week contract because earning it would take winning major trophies for Liverpool. The FA Cup, the League Cup, the Europa League, Champions League or (winning/coming 1st in) the Premier League. WE WERE IN ALL of those competitions while you played in our side, Raheem. You didn’t help us to win them. I’d only ever agree with your own high valuation if you actually had achieved winning those things. Your selfishness and greediness for more and more money has (partly) caused your own downfall and your own transfer from the club.

In addition to all of these annoying money issues, Sterling also caused other problems. Last season when we were due to play Wimbledon in the FA Cup around January 2015, Raheem claimed to have been suffering from “exhaustion” and demanded that the club allow him to go on holiday, MID-SEASON! Liverpool actually relented and gave the player some times to go visit family and friends in Jamaica while he recovered from this exhaustion he claims to have suffered from.


Raheem Sterling in Jamaica around January 2015... mid season for Liverpool.

Raheem Sterling in Jamaica around January 2015… mid season for Liverpool.

Fans that actually believed his claims that he was genuinely exhausted may have thought that this would be the last problem that may occur regarding this player, but it was not so. By the start of “pre-season” for Liverpool’s coming start to a new campaign full of more fixtures, Sterling had claimed he would NOT be joining Liverpool on their “world tour” which will involve taking the club to play friendlies in Thailand, Australia, Malaysia and even Finland. He just flat out refused to be a part of it. Also, he was calling in “sick” and not showing up for training (shortly before the world tour would start the squad was supposed to be training at Melwood) on more than one occasion. He was repeatedly provoking the club, seeing how far he could push us before we just said “you’re not worth the trouble” and sold him. Clearly, we’ve decided that he is indeed – NOT worth the trouble and the only club that believes he’s worth more than the £100,000 per week he wants to be paid from now on is Manchester City. I do in fact respect the fact that Liverpool never gave in to his (new contract wage) demands.  We’ll take £49M from Man City and we’ll form our new squad without you, Raheem. I’ve been incredibly excited to see Firmino in midfield for Liverpool and now I know there’ll be one less midfielder providing competition for his place. I’ll see more of the Brazilian and look forward to that so in a way, I should thank Sterling. I honestly feel relief at not having to put up with the problems you caused for the club and it’s fans.

Well, good luck with your troublesome player, Man City. You’ve been warned, what he is like!
He’s clearly only interested in the extremely large amounts of money you agreed to pay him, but I really want to just focus on our own club now and let him move onto his new club with it’s billionaire owners.  The past is the past and the future doesn’t involve Sterling for Liverpool. So long, Raheem. Have fun counting your money from your new club.



[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

I’m a die hard Liverpool fan (only supported ONE club in my whole life, Liverpool) and one of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet.


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