Suarez Contract Has No Exit Clause

suarezSome good news on the transfer front today. When asked today about recent transfer speculation, Luis Suarez stated that his contract doesn’t contain a clause that would allow him to leave if an offer came in from Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Suarez said “There is no clause that suggests a priority for a specific team.”

Newspapers had been running reports of the existence of the clause over the last couple of days as speculation grew about a possible bid from Madrid. After the season the player has enjoyed, the speculation was inevitable. So much as we don’t like it, there’s not a lot we can do.

The words of the man himself may help to calm the rumour mill for the time being, but expect more paper talk throughout the summer especially if (and when) he performs well in the World Cup. Hopefully though Madrid will focus on someone else and leave our prize asset alone.

If they do come in with an offer it will be interesting to see how the club respond. Doubtless it would be considerably more than the silly £40,000,001 bid that Arsenal made last year. If they decided to break the world transfer record yet again, would we be able to resist?

We can only hope so, and that the player’s head would not be turned by Madrid’s advances like so many others have in the past.

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