This game just replaced the Spain-Netherlands game as the highest scoring game of the tournament. France also may now hold the highest goal difference for a team in the group stages. Holland had won 5-1  against Spain and then 3-2 against Australia, giving them a goal difference of  5… But France’s previous 3-0 win and now their 5-2 win gives them a goal difference of 7. If they hadn’t conceded 2 goals late on in the game, France may have had a goal difference of 9, but what happened, happened – they couldn’t keep a clean sheet and they have now conceded two goals in the group stage.

The game was mostly dominated by France who set out to get 3 points from the very start.


It would only be 17 minutes into the game before France had their first goal, scored by Giroud.


Then only one minute later, Blaise Matuidi would score a second goal as France increased their lead once again, scoring two in two minutes (the 17th and 18th minutes). Valbuena would get another goal around the 40 minute mark and France would go in at half time leading Switzerland 3-0.

The second half was still to bring more goals for France when around the 67th minute, Benzema added another to his tally – he officially has 3 goals and 1 own goal that should have counted as his [it was his shot that deflected off the keeper and went in] in this World Cup now.


6 minutes later, Sissoko would score France’s fifth goal of the night.

The Swiss then would soon start making their “comeback” and dominate the last 20 minutes of the game, scoring twice in 6 minutes (the 81st and 87th minutes).

Dzemaili would score the only goal so far from a direct free kick in this World Cup.


Xhaka would be Switzerland’s second goalscorer but by then, the game was almost over and the Swiss would have to make do with two goals as time ran out for them and France took all three points as they top their group table with 6 points now.

KEY PLAYERS: Benzema was on fine form once again and France looked in control of the game up until Switzerland got their first goal in the 81st minute. By then, France already had 5 goals.

Dzemaili was spectacular as he attempted to stage a comeback for Switzerland and late in the second half would score a wonderful free kick. Unfortunately, his side were already 5 goals down so it would not help the Swiss get any points, but it was still a great goal.

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