The wait for the start of the new season is over. The Premier League will start on Saturday with around 6 games. However, we will be starting our campaign on Sunday, playing against Southampton at Anfield. Fans have high expectations from the Reds this season, following an amazing display last time around.

Liverpool will be in contention for four different trophies this season and more silverwares in the Anfield Trophy Room is definitely achievable with the current squad. Yet, many pundits have commented of late that the current Reds’ squad won’t be able to grab the Premier League title or the Champions League. But should the Reds’ fans be pessimistic, just because these pundits say so? I don’t think so. Let’s look into the top 5 strengths of Liverpool’s current squad.

5. Strong Pre-Season Preparation

Liverpool have had a really good pre-season preparation tour in England and USA and have played well. Despite losing in the final at Miami, the team displayed some exhilarating performances in the Internation Champions Cup, defeating the likes of league rivals Manchester City and AC Milan. Again, how can we forget the amazing performance over Borrusia Dortmund at Anfield last time?

Overall, this year’s preparation has been excellent with the new signings, getting ample opportunity to fit in with the squad. Manager Brendon Rodgers also emphasized on giving genuine first team chances to the promising youngsters during the tour, which seems to have made the current squad a more complete team. So, in effect the rival teams will be facing a team with really good co-ordination from the word ‘GO’, thanks to the pre-season preparation.


4. Maturing Young Talents

Liverpool currently has one of the youngest squads in the Premier League. Already, the likes of Raheem Sterling at just 19 years of age, Joe Flanagan at 21 and Phillipe Coutinho at 22 have emerged as some of the most exciting players in England. But this year, they are certainly poised to give an even better performance with a couple of seasons worth of valuable experience. Add to them the proven quality of Suso, Emre Can and Lazar Markovich and we know that we have a pool of seriously talented youngsters.


3. Bigger Pool of Backup Attack Force

Last season, we had one of the deadliest strike partnership in Europe in the form of SAS – Sturridge and Suarez, fed by Sterling, Gerrard, Henderson and Coutinho. Although, Suarez has left the squad, opponents would be foolish to label our attack force as second grade. With the addition of Lambert, Markovic, Can, Suso and Lallana, the current attack force has to ability to consistently rip the defenses of rivals from any side of the goal.


2. Deeper Squad

Rodgers’ emphasis during the current season has been all about building a side that can challenge for silverwares and he certainly has shown real intent in making a really good squad that can deliver. Following the entry into the UEFA Champions’ League this season, the owners have been fully behind Rodgers’ decision to sign several proven talents. So ultimately, Liverpool have been able to add much more depth to the squad and its effect has already been observed in the pre-season matches. So, this season around, we have built a better capacity of dealing with send-offs, injuries and fitness issues in a better way compared to last year. We certainly can’t forget what Henderson’s sending did to the squad around the end of the season. BR has prepared the team to be able to handle such issues this time.


1. Stronger Defense

There is no denying to the fact that the defense was our biggest weakness last season. But judging by the signings that Rodgers’ has done so far, we can surely say this season will definitely not be as weak. The addition of Dejan Lovren, Javier Manquillo and Alberto Moreno may be good enough to make our defense among the strongest in the league. Among the new defensive trio, the signing of Lovren in particular has been attracting the attention of fans, with a significant lot mentioning him to be the ‘best Liverpool signing of the season’!


EXTRA: We are not done yet!

There are still around two weeks before the transfer window ends. So, expect Liverpool to make a couple of surprise signings, that will make our attack force even better. The rumors have been exciting so far, but we can realistically hope that Rodgers will certainly opt to add a star signing this year!

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