Liverpool are continuing their season and have even lost a game already now, but at least part of our club’s focus is still on some potential new players which could add strength to our squad. Here’s the details of those players.

Taiwo Awoniyi


I mentioned a few weeks back (in that we had the possibility of signing this player and I am proud to announce that we officially have now. That’s what’s called “trustworthy transfer news”. We don’t like wildly speculating about players on – we just provide the accurate and genuine possibilities of new players without speculation about players we know will never be joining the club. You won’t find “Messi to Liverpool” or “Ronaldo to Liverpool” (and other globally known players yet unrealistic alleged transfer targets) posts on our website because they simply have not been linked with the club and are 100% NOT going to join Liverpool – that kinda news is pure speculation. This isn’t the first time we’ve reported accurate transfer news (we told you about Joe Gomez and other players that recently became Liverpool players for the new season) before they officially joined the club. Awoniyi  is just the latest, but it’s always good for our fans to know we’re doing the best we can to bring them the most accurate and trustworthy news about their club.


Awoniyi will be playing (on loan) for FSV Frankfurt in Germany, but is a Liverpool player.

PS, as spoken about previously – After signing for Liverpool for a reported fee of between £400,000 and £800,000 (with the possibility of rising depending on contract clauses being met) this player will be immediately loaned out to another side in another country (FSV Frankfurt) for at least a single season before he gets a chance to play for Liverpool’s first team. Just like we did with Divock Origi, who stayed in France (on loan) with Lille for a final season after signing for Liverpool in 2014. It seems to be an effective way of young promising players gathering experience while not having to give up our young star player to other teams who would sign the player instead of us if we just decided they were too young or inexperienced to play for Liverpool’s first team.

Dani Ceballos


Spanish young star Dani Ceballos has attracted the attention of more than one Premier League club since his senior career began back in 2014. As a youth player, he had represented major Spanish clubs like Sevilla and Real Betis, but it was Betis who gave him his chance in their senior team and he has been keeping the midfield alive and exciting for them since then and was a part of the squad that helped the club gain promotion from “Segunda division” to the Spanish Premier league, La Liga. If he stays at the club, he’ll be playing against Spain’s top clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Both Arsenal and Liverpool have their eyes on this promising 19 year old player who is valued at around £9M, but reports from Spain say the player is actually rather happy currently and more likely to keep playing in his home country than transfer away to another part of Europe. He’s been quoted as saying

“I want to continue at Betis and enjoy these fans for many years”

So, that may be enough to get the English clubs to back off for now, but how long before a bid is made for him? Nobody could say, though it’s unlikely to be within this summer transfer window. especially as it is ending very soon (all players must join their new clubs by the start of September). We’ll just keep our eye on him and maybe in the future, he’ll become more interested in moving to another country and league to play his football.

Fabio Borini OUT!


Just like his Italian teammate Mario Balotelli (who is to be loaned out to AC Milan), Fabio’s football will be played away from Liverpool in the future. A £10M deal offered by Sunderland was accepted and the player has officially left our club now, to play his Premier League football for someone else. The out of favour striker managed to score three times as he made 38 appearances for Liverpool, but he was almost always chosen only as substitute.


Borini was a Liverpool player while we had some prolific strikers that kept their place by scoring frequently

To be fair to him, he had joined the club when we were using some star strikers like Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge who were managing to score 52 goals between themselves in a single season. Fabio was never going to be chosen over these two prolific goalscorers and even when Luis Suarez had left for Barcelona and Daniel Sturridge had been out for months on end due to injury, Borini still didn’t manage to be first choice striker (in an often 4-5-1 formation where only 1 striker would be picked to start) as Mario Balotelli and even Rickie Lambert seemed to be more favoured by Brendan Rodgers. Under new management (perhaps an Italian), he may have played more than he did and had more chances to prove himself, but even despite some failings Rodgers has still not been removed from his position and was never going to change his attitude on the value of this player (which was “usually not worth using in the first team”).

Borini was almost never first choice striker in his time with Liverpool

Borini was almost never first choice striker during his time with Liverpool

I’m sure Rodgers will enjoy having £10M more to spend than having the player available to pick in the Liverpool squad, but just almost never using him. It’s still a fairly amicable departure between player and club as he moves on without too much bitterness at how little opportunities he was given to show what he could do at our club. 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there as substitute is just not enough for some players, but he’s sure to be a part of Sunderland’s starting 11 team with regularity. He’s got to be happy about that as he’s let go by a club that barely used him.

Sunderland fans had previously seen Fabio play for them and even score 7 times as he was loaned to their club in the 2013-2014 season and became something of a fan favourite, gaining popularity rather quickly at the club. Now, they seem happy to see him back once again and this time for good.

Good luck, Fabio!

That’s all the transfer news for now… if we sign anyone tomorrow (the final day of the transfer window), we WILL mention the new player on Anfield Family so you won’t miss out any big news about additions to the squad. Brendan Rodgers doesn’t like to speak publically about transfers very often but I can give you the large list of the “ins and outs” we’ve seen come and go from the club so far in this Summer Transfer Window.


I’ll be back with more news about every match of the season we have yet to play. We look forward to seeing you again. You’ll Never Walk Alone, Anfield Family.

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.


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