Liverpool have been doing very well in the transfer market over the past 5 weeks and the transfers just keep coming. Nathaniel Clyne was very recently unveiled as our latest addition to the squad and our 6th new signing of this summer (we’ve also signed James Milner, Danny Ings, Adam Bogdan, Joe Gomez and Roberto Firmino) has started training at Melwood already as “pre-season” begins for the squad.



Now, more news about potential new players that may yet join Clyne and his new friends for the next season…

Eduardo Salvio


Eduardo is an Argentine, though perhaps not as promising as some of the other World Cup 2014 stars we know about already from that country. From 1994 too 2008, he’d spent his time playing in Argentina for youth team Lanus. He would eventually progress right through to their senior team and spend a couple of years proving himself there until Spanish club Atletico Madrid noticed him and signed him for 10 Million Euros.

He would even feature in the 2010 Europa League Final for Atletico Madrid but by the end of the 2009-2010 season, he’d already been the subject of more links to other clubs, despite only recently signing a new contract. He was clearly in demand and Portuguese side Benfica decided to make an offer not for a permanent transfer but for a loan deal that he would accept and by August 2010, Salvio would agree to play for Benfica for the 2010-2011 season.

He would later return to Atletico Madrid and struggle through a period of recovery after facing unfortunate injury but by 2012, Benfica had decided that they would now like to make a permanent transfer for this player. After agreeing a 5 years contract with the club, a 13M Euro deal was offered and accepted by Atletico and he would make the switch from Spain to Portugal for good, this time. He’s been playing for Benfica since then and has scored the most goals for them that he has ever scored for any club in his career to date, scoring 28 times in 111 appearances so far. No official bids have been made for the player but Liverpool’s scouts are known to be interested in this player and even if we don’t make a bid this summer, it’s still possible we could see one happen in the January Transfer Window with the club seemingly impressed by this player already. A recent injury for the player would make the new year a more likely time for that to happen as he’d perhaps not pass a medical currently if he was to be transferring clubs. We’ll just wait and see, I guess.

Arda Turan


Another footballer to have proven himself at Atletico Madrid, this player has been known to be a fan of both Liverpool FC and it’s recently departed Captain Fantastic (Steven Gerrard), publicly expressing his admiration and love for our club and even it’s stadium (Anfield), possibly in hopes that we would notice and make a bid for him. Well, we did notice but never did end up making a bid for him, which may have been a mistake for someone who clearly would have enjoyed being at Liverpool so much.

We were often linked with him, but the transfer just didn’t end up happening and to be honest, Liverpool probably didn’t think they needed any more strikers until very recently, as Luis Suarez left for Spain. Had he actually joined during the time where Suarez and Sturridge were scoring over 50 goals between them (the 2013-2014 season), he’d most likely have been left out of the team. It would have been a waste to just keep him on the substitute bench or worse, not in the 18 man squad at all. Then, it was seemingly too late. Part of what he wanted to be with us for was also gone. Gerrard had decided to move to LA Galaxy.

Turan is a very talented player and we would have been lucky to have him but with Steven Gerrard gone from the club now, Turan seems to have cooled off on the idea of moving to us and (I’m sorry to say) has gone as far as accepting an offer from Barcelona. This player has officially been signed (in the last 24 hours) by Barca for 34M Euros. So despite all the genuine transfer news and links to his potential move to us – he definitely won’t be a new Liverpool player for the next season, we know that now. I really would have liked to have seen him play, especially alongside Gerrard. That’s the way football goes… you win some, you lose some. We just lost out on this one.

I hope he enjoys playing alongside Suarez at Barcelona, if that happens. With Messi and Neymar and Suarez and Turan (and more) all in the same squad, it’d be difficult for Barca to fit all their superstars into one 11-man team. Sure, the math of it works out (4 men can fit into 11 potential team spots) but you really don’t want to put  3 or 4 strikers into one team. What formation would they play? 4-3-3? 4-2-4? Those formations typically don’t work out as well as having a partnership of two strikers supported and supplied by four midfielders in a 4-4-2 style of play. More likely than using those alternative formations is just playing them separately – when Suarez isn’t on the field, Turan may get his chance. He’s probably going to make the substitute list at least. Good luck to him, anyway.

Salomon Rondon


This Venezeluan star has captured the attention of many people including Liverpool’s scouts.
Starting out at one of his local Venezuelan youth sides, he would continue to progress through the ranks and eventually end up in the senior team for Aragua FC. Later, he would be spotted by Spanish sides and would play for both Las Palmas and Malaga until 2012.
By the start of the 2012-2013 season he had switched countries yet again, this time to Russia as he transferred for a fee of 10M Euros to Rubin Kazan FC where he would stay for a further two years. From 2014, he had the chance to play for a new club again although he would remain in Russia. Zenit St Petersburg would buy the player for a fee around £15M and he would play alongside other Liverpool transfer interests Ezequiel Garay and Javi Garcia. Maybe that’s even how we noticed Rondon, though he is fairly noticeable just by himself.

Scoring 28 goals in 58 appearances for his latest club, he’s been known to score hat tricks (3 goals in one game!) for his club and is considered to be an aerial battler who very rarely loses out on challenges for the ball, scoring with his head occasionally. Think Andy Carroll kind of player, only less expensive (he won’t cost as much as £35M) and yet more likely to score. The owners will decide on whether to pay up for this player, we’ll likely only see him in a red shirt if the price is fair as we won’t be held to ransom for anyone. All I can say for sure is – we KNOW about this player and have interest in him. Moving from there to making a real bid is taking it to the next level, but will we do that? Time will tell.

Olivier Kemen


Oui, another Frenchman. A part of the under 16s, under 17s, under 18s and under 19s France international squads, the French have known about this young star for a while now and he is considered by some to be the “next Zinedine Zidane”, though perhaps the reason for this is just that he plays in midfield and is French and the similarity ends there. He’s not proven to be “world class” (as Zidane was proven to be) just yet, though he’s certainly shown what he can do and it is quite impressive. Originally born in Douala, Cameroon to French parents, he had made the choice to represent France from an early age and is still only 18 years old.  He’s been a part of under 19s sides for both French club Metz and English club Newcastle United, though has yet to make a senior Premier League appearance.


He’s still scored 3 times for Newcastle in 26 appearances and perhaps once he’s matured, they will promote him to their senior side – if they get the chance before he’s snapped up by another club.
Both Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool have already publicly expressed their desire to get their hands on this promising youngster and who knows who else secretly would love to sign him?


It’s fair to say he’ll be put directly into a senior team squad if he does indeed make a transfer for the coming season and now would likely be the time to make an offer for his services as it seems his contract recently expired with Newcastle. If he refuses to sign new contracts for the club that did not offer him a senior first team place or Premier League debut appearance yet, a free transfer could well happen and it’s possible we’d see him in a red shirt by the start of the new season. A bidding war for who can offer this player the most impressive professional contract to play for their senior team is likely to happen in the near future.

Christian Benteke


I’ve spoken before about how good this player is and the details of his career history. Most football fans recognise him as the “Belgian Aston Villa star” who’s been very successful in the Premier League since 2012, scoring about 50 goals in 100 appearances for the club. That’s a goal once every two games, on average. Players like Balotelli would be envious of such records, it’s really quite impressive.

Benteke is generating large amounts of interest recently because of both what he’s said about his place at his current club and the fact that his contract holds a “buy out clause” of £32.5M. Anyone who wants him bad enough, could get him for that price – but it seems it could be slightly too high for some who may not want to spend that much on a single player. No clubs have officially met this price yet of course and so the debate rages on over whether he’s going to join one of the many clubs that been listed as interested in him.

We know who’d be happy to have Benteke join their squad. What we don’t know for sure is the players personal preference over which exact club he’d like to be at next. It could be Liverpool. There’s a chance he prefers us over the others, considering our long successful history… if Liverpool come in with a bid for you, it’s not easy to refuse such a club. There’s still outside chance that he could perhaps choose a club (with billionaire owners) that may be able to offer him a more lucrative contract than we do. The one with the most money can sometimes win, simply by spending as much cash as they can but FSG aren’t afraid of using their money either, you know.
SkyBet has varying odds on the several clubs who may get him yet, though. Outsiders for signing him are Roma, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal but the clubs with far higher chances are Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Liverpool.


Liverpool are one of the favourites to sign Benteke in this summer transfer window

What has been recently discovered is that Benteke is far more likely NOT to simply stay at Aston Villa, as he just arranged a meeting with the club at which Benteke is expected to be saying “I am interested in moving away from the club”. Even if this doesn’t count as a formal transfer request, it’s enough to make sure the club don’t just start refusing every offer their receive because they think he wants to be at Villa. He has said enough to make it clear he does NOT want to stay at Villa. We’ll just have to wait and see who makes the best offer and who Benteke favours as his choice for the new season.

Javier Hernandez


Yes, it’s true. The papers (and websites) have been busy speculating about this player and whether or not he might just join Manchester United’s bitter rivals, Liverpool. Stranger things have happened, it’s not like we’ve never had transfers go between those two clubs before. Though they’re not always as well received and welcomed by our fans because of where they came from (our rivals), it’s been known to work out before. I used to love watching Paul Ince play for Liverpool. Man United fans seemed to warm up to Michael Owen, he was still quite popular despite being a Liverpool player before. It has worked and can work and I can see Hernandez becoming quite popular with Reds fans if he chooses to make the move to Merseyside.


Since joining Manchester United in 2010, he’s played just over 150 appearances and scored 59 times! I think they’re crazy to not want this player in their first team regularly, but since they seem to think he’s “surplus to requirements”, we’ll take him off your hands.


He was a 2014 World Cup star, making most other countries jealous that he didn’t play for them as he scored multiple times in the competition for Mexico last summer. Since then, Man United strangely did not express a desire to have him in their first team and loaned him out to Real Madrid where he played 33 games and scored 9 goals.

The details of how much we will pay our bitter rivals has not been disclosed just yet, but as soon as make a bid (and I keep hearing that one is likely to be made in the near future) I will let you all know how much we’re willing to spend on him. I’d truly like to see this Mexican in our team, he’d be a valuable asset in my opinion. It was a pleasure to watch him in the World Cup last summer and I would enjoy watching him in the red shirt of Liverpool, for sure.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll have more transfer news for you next week as we head into the middle of July.

[written by] Stuart Drewery.


I’m an Englishman (born and raised in Liverpool in the 80s). My whole family including my parents and grandparents were Liverpool fans so I was born into being a red.

I’ve seen Liverpool win the league (about 25 years ago) and I’ve been 100% loyal and committed while supporting the Reds through all the good times AND the bad times since the 80s.

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