As Portugal played their game (against Ghana) in the same group as the Americans and Germans, there was little pressure for USA to beat Germany in this game. They already had 4 points and Portugal had a very bad goal difference which was in the negative. It’s not like America didn’t TRY due to this fact, but the Germans wouldn’t find it very difficult to get their win and top the group for qualification into the last 16.

The weather in Recife, Brazil was awful – torrential downpours of rain meant many fans would find it difficult to make their way to the stadium, affecting the attendance at least until after the game had kicked off.


I think the amount of goals were largely due to the bad weather. It was never going to be a high scoring game with such difficult conditions to play in.

The Germans would get the only goal of the game and ensure victory but both teams would still qualify for the knockout stage, while Portugal could only manage third spot in the group.


KEY PLAYERS: Clint Dempsey tried his best to deal with the terrible weather and score but although he came close, it wasn’t close enough and Germany would score the only goal of the game.

Thomas Muller scores his fifth goal of the tournament to help his country win and progress to the last 16.

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