Who should we keep and sell?

There’s no doubt that there is some deadwood here at Liverpool. There are players that we don’t need, who are out of favour or just aren’t good enough. Hopefully, Klopp will realise who these bystanders are and start to reshape our squad. However, our roster isn’t huge, so keep that in mind.

Alberto Moreno

He’s made brief cameos this season, and whenever he’s on the team sheet he gives the fans a sense of dread. Even he must know his time is up. For a central midfielder to have to play in his position because he’s not good enough must make him realise that he’s out of favour.  And £40,000 a week! That’s daylight robbery.


Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge has been a great player for us. Since he arrived, he’s played 81 games and scored 47 goals. He’s also had 18 different injuries. He’s spent over half of his LFC career on the injury table, and because of that, he’s not the player he used to be. He’s lost his pace, his stamina and his power. Furthermore, Klopp seems to prefer Origi and to be completely honest, so do I. Sturridge is still a top striker with great instincts but I believe his future lies elsewhere.


Lucas Leiva

Although he’s getting older, Lucas has proved time and time again this season that he is still reliable. His most recent performance against Everton was an impressive one, and he managed to keep the Everton attack, including the league’s top goal scorer, Lukaku, quiet. He is a good option on the bench, and although he doesn’t necessarily change the outcome of a match, he sure can iinfluence it.


Loris Karius

Currently second in the pecking order to Mignolet, Karius isn’t getting the game time he expected. Some awful errors led to his demise and he currently can’t escape the bench. However, he has put in some good performances. Against Southampton in the cup he produced a fine display, making some incredible saves. However, the problem is that the good performances have been ruined by the bad ones. I think he needs time. We’ve seen glimpses of what he can achieve and we just need to let him realise his potential. One day he could become a world class keeper.


Do you agree? Who else should we let go?

Let us know.

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  1. william lyon says:

    nice report , but keep leiva

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