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Rumored Liverpool targets from top left to bottom right: Falcao, Lavezzi, Reus and Cavani

How will Liverpool cope with the life after Suarez? It’s become the most discussed topics lately among all Reds fans! Last season, we were nearly there! An awesome team co-ordination, backed by the firepower of SAS (Suarez and Sturridge) wrecked the defenses of oppositions, game after game and it became the best season that Liverpool have had for years.

But all football fans know how important Suarez was to Liverpool’s built! Suarez was not just a mere goal-scorer for Liverpool; he regularly fed Sturridge, Sterling and Hendo to keep the goals flowing. Nobody fan can dispute the fact that Suarez was indeed the best player in the Premier League last season. But he is gone and Liverpool now have a hell lot of cash to spend to find his right replacement!

So, this week has been interesting. After the failed medical of Loic Remy and the prospect of BR not willing to put too much attention on Wilfred Bony, the Liverpool management is rumored to be after a genuine contender to fill in the shoes of Suarez. It’s expected that Liverpool are prepared to spend up to £50 million – yes, break their transfer record for the likes of Radamel Falcao and Edison Cavani! But, rumors about Eziquiel Lavezzi and Marco Reus too, aren’t going down either.

There is no doubt that signing Falcao will perhaps be the best decision that Liverpool will make. But reports, of late, indicate that Falcao isn’t too keen on joining Liverpool. If he were to join the Reds, though, we will probably be genuine contenders for not just the Premier League, but the Champions League as well. Yet, players of his caliber can easily be swayed away by the ‘cash power’ of the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, too! So personally speaking, I don’t see chances of him coming to Anfield. But, fingers’ crossed, I hope that my prediction fails!

Then again, there is also the rumored prospect of Cavani joining us. He impressed all football fans with his superb form at Napoli and PSG in the last seasons. But for Uruguay though, he wasn’t as prolific. He can shine at times and then again go out of form for a while as well. In Sturridge, we already have a striker of his caliber. But yes, his presence will definitely strengthen the squad.

Lavezzi – well, he isn’t that week-in week-out scorer or assist-feeder that Liverpool need following the departure of Suarez. He is good, but then Bony is definitely better than him. Yet, getting a proven champion striker at below £20 million could be a bargain. Sturridge signed for Liverpool without a really glorious record behind him. But, he is now one of the most glorious players at Anfield. Who can predict that Lavezzi won’t shine for Liverpool, the way Sturridge did? We are, after all, known for building great strikers, rather than luring them with the pounds! Reports so far indicate that, if we land anyone among the four, it’s going to be Lavezzi.

Reus can be an interesting prospect. But is he the one who can fill the attack needs of Liverpool? We certainly can’t deny the fact that he has potentiality. Yet, we can’t be sure about whether he will be a Suarez or he will be a Carroll for us! Despite being a part of the World Cup winning German squad, he certainly was no important part of the same after an ankle injury forced him out of active participation. But if BR wants to gamble then I am firmly behind him.

Telling the truth, I don’t see anybody fulfilling Suarez’s void in the coming 6 months! We still have a good chance of giving some great performance as a team. BR’s squad isn’t something that’s based on a single person. We need players that fit the team strategy and add to the quality of the overall squad.

Gerrard is certainly not the same player at 34. But, it is indeed fair to expect better games from Sterling, Coutinho and Henderson in the coming season. Add to them, the proven quality of Emre Can, Lazar Markovich and Rickie Lambert, and we aren’t that behind either! If the squad plays with a good team mentality, there is no reason why we can’t be the Premier League champion of 2014/15.  And it wouldn’t be hard to expect players rushing in to join us during the Winter transfer season as well. So, don’t give up your hopes just yet. I see a good season coming!

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